Our Differentiation & How We’re Unique

Unlike other expensive, proprietary, consultant-dependent  and home-grown approaches to sustainability management and certification, Green Business Bureau is trusted, transparent, comprehensive, online, structured, easy to use, proven, inexpensive and engaging.

Leader in Sustainability Program Management Solutions

The Green Business Bureau online platform is one of the industry’s leading frameworks for managing initiatives and actions. The program, founded in 2009, is proven and in-depth and is updated with new initiates every year. Members leverage our online tools including our EcoAssessment and EcoPlanner to track results and measure their performance.

Leader in Green Business Certification

Green Business Bureau has emerged as one of the industry’s most credible and popular de facto standards for certification. The program leverages aspects of B-Corp, LEED and ISO 14001 certifications as well as SASB and SDG standards. The seal is well recognized and verified, providing a credible and transparent way to share a company’s sustainability.

Recognized Globally and Trusted Locally

GBB membership and certification enables companies to gain the kind of credibility, trust and recognition available only through third-party sustainability certification. This trust and recognition extends from local to global as our growing network now includes members in over 60 countries on all 6 continents.

Online, Easy To Use & On Your Time

GBB’s software and certification program is entirely online and self-paced. Unlike other green certification programs, GBB does not require any consulting services or onsite assessment and audit services. Our goal is to help our members reach their sustainability goals without needing to spend thousands of dollars in consulting fees.


Green Business Bureau is a very unique company and our offerings are highly differentiated from other companies’ offerings. We are caring, trustworthy, knowledgeable, experienced and provide reliable software and content that is easy to use.

Our competitive advantages can be summarized as follows:

  • Our Focus and Commitment to Sustainability: We are solely focused on helping companies be more environmentally and socially responsible.
  • Our Trustworthiness: We are caring, honest and transparent. Our solution and brand is trusted by consumers, small businesses and corporations around the world because of our integrity and commitment to sustainable business .
  • Our Knowledge and Content – We have a wealth of knowledge and content that we’ve accumulated through our work and the work of our customers and our partners. Our content is original and created by trained, educated sustainability experts, analysts, engineers, students, partners and customers.
  • Our Experience – We were founded by sustainability experts in 2009, have a proven solution for sustainability management and have amazing customers and partners that drive sustainable business.
  • Our Platform and Solution – Our online applications are modern, intuitive and easy-to-use. Our platform uses cloud-based technology and proven underpinnings that are reliable and secure.