TriData are industry leaders in sustainable design and development

TriData is an American-based and certified veteran-owned company that provides technological solutions with a portfolio of products including ATM/ITMs, Kiosks, Smart Safes, Recyclers, Automated Locker Systems, POS, and Self Check-Out (SCO), and proprietary technology systems.

TriData works with their clients, utilizing automated solutions to transfer operations into a single platform, in support of ATMs and other self-service products.

TriData focuses on all operational elements of financial technologies, services, and deployment planning, with the mission to deliver value, simplicity, and reliability to their partners. The team has successfully deployed 40,000 ATMs over the past 20 years.

As a new company, TriData operates with innovative and forward-thinking processes. TriData sees sustainable design and development as proactive, good business. And so they’ve set green goals to execute an effective sustainability strategy.

Today, TriData is a leader in their industry when it comes to sustainable design and development.

Supporting clients globally with ATMs and other self-service products

TriData’s primary goal is to ensure streamlined, forward-thinking, and cost-effective lifecycle solutions for their partners – all while operating sustainably. Their services cover 6 key focus areas, as follows:

  1. Applications: Marketed applications include automated and documented device installations, decommissions, and certificate issuance.
  2. Technology: Offering a range of ATMs, Kiosks, Self Checkout, Payment Hardware, Software, Hosting, and Uptime Services.
  3. Project planning and management: Automation is TriData’s theme, and so they offer portal-based project tools to ensure on-time delivery, cost reduction, and reliability.
  4. Install, deinstall, decommission: TriData’s portfolio of products consists of ATM/ITMs, Kiosks, Smart Safes, Recyclers, Automated Locker Systems, POS, Self Check-Out (SCO), and proprietary technology systems.
  5. Consulting: TriData’s approach is always consultative, and they work with their network of partners to ensure they can help their clients achieve their goals.
  6. Tomorrow: TriData looks to the future, and utilizes data and relationships to deliver the best and most meaningful solutions to their clients.

Creating bold operations that drive sustainability

Being bold means bringing your whole self to the situation and engaging fully with it. It involves openness, optimism, and a commitment to something bigger than yourself. I define being bold in business as having the courage to make difficult decisions and taking ownership of decisions. There are so many challenges to overcome and so many different ways to tackle various issues. As a CEO, what is important is the ability to carry through on your decision and execute with perfection.” – Christian Ranke, CEO of TriData

Since TriData is a new business, they wanted to create comprehensive and bold processes that support the environment, and educate their clients and vendors about their journey. With this aim in mind, TriData currently focuses on two key green initiatives:

  1. Leading their industry with responsible recycling of older generation financial hardware.
  2. Educating their workforce on renewable technologies and how to implement such technology in their operations. This approach works to create a green culture.

Promoting sustainable design in an industry that lacks such developments

TriData has a strong green mission and states to be the only business in their industry that’s proactive in this space. They are focused on creating a roadmap to lead their business with standardized, sustainable operations.

TriData believes that by sharing the strategy they use to achieve their goals, more partners will implement similar measures and assimilate a new vision with sustainability at its heart.

Sustainability challenges

TriData views business sustainability as a solvable challenge, hence they’ve not been deterred by the hurdles they’ve faced.

For TriData, the most challenging aspects of going green have been:

  1. Establishing an effective sustainability roadmap,
  2. Encouraging a behavioral shift in key stakeholders to accept their supply chain,
  3. Encouraging a behavioral shift in key stakeholders to adhere to new, more sustainable standards.

TriData signed up to the Green Business Bureau for support as they work to achieve their green goals, overcome the above challenges, and gain the recognition they deserve.

Embedding sustainability as a core company value

TriData’s values and vision for the future can be summarized in the following quote:

We don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” – American Historian, Howard Zinn

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