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Yvonne’s General Cleaning Company-Committed to Green

Yvonne’s General Cleaning Company is a minority women owned cleaning business that cleans residential homes and commercial businesses. Company President, Yvonne Anderson has been in the business for over fifteen years and customer satisfaction is what she and her team aim for on a daily basis. Yvonne’s General Cleaning Company’s track record has always been in good standing and they give their residential customers senior citizens discounts rates.

Yvonne’s General Cleaning Company uses natural products, says Ms. Anderson. “Some of the items that we use to promote for green cleaning would be vinegar (as a cleaner) mixed with lemon (as a scent). Baking soda is another product that acts as a scrubbing paste and is very effective in removing grime in stains. When we purchase products we would make sure that the items have the environmentally safe symbols.”

When we asked Yvonne why her company chose to go green and join the Green Business Bureau, here’s what she shared with us: “We went to the Green Business Bureau (GBB) to find companies and people that are green and want to use products that will help our environment. We realize that people are being more conscious of what products they use. The Green Business Bureau provides companies like Yvonne’s General Cleaning Company with an opportunity to get exposure while uniting others with the same environmentally conscious thought process. I want my company to have the reputation that we are green. The new trend is to go green and I believe that this will be an everlasting trend. One of the reasons we choose GBB is that it promotes environmentally safe products and encourages the use of products that would be harmless to our customers. We like to expose the use of natural and affordable products for our customers. We would like to create a great demand that would encourage others to think and be green. We are interested in global advertisement that would prompt others to use our services.”

We asked Yvonne to tell us about her/her team’s experience with the GBB. “We chose the Green Business Bureau because of its reputation, and its reputation to advertise our company. GBB was one of the few companies that took a personal interest in our company. With GBB we always get a live voice on the phone and not a systemic robotic voice. It is that in-touch communication service that GBB conveys which was of great interest to us. GBB is also a well known company that is constantly expanding. We believe that GBB will promote recognition and financial growth to our company.”

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