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‘Waste Not; Want Not’ Has Been Part of Wren’s Culture From the Start

Wren specializes in physical security technologies and services for retail, education, healthcare and government facilities. The company’s solutions, including enterprise-class video management software, access control systems, security assessments, surveillance cameras and hardware, and professional services, enable organizations to protect people, assets and facilities, while empowering them with operational insights for better performance. Established in 1983 and headquartered in Jefferson City, MO, Wren is a member of the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO), the National Association of School Safety and Law Enforcement Officers (NASSLEO), and the National Retail Federation (NRF).

When GBB inquired about 2-3 actual examples of things the Wren team are doing to be green we learned that Wren Solutions’ “no waste” culture has been an integral part of the company since it was founded in 1983.

One of the biggest steps our company has taken is the construction of our manufacturing and warehousing facility, built in 2003. The 86,000 sq. ft. building is constructed with pre-stressed concrete with foam insulation to provide lower heating and cooling requirements, and better insulating capability. As part of this green initiative, the building is equipped with an energy efficient geothermal ground source heating and cooling system that exceeds residential ENERGY STAR requirements, and uses heating and cooling units that operate at 15.3 to 19.5 SEER.

Within the new facility, Wren replaced 53 452-watt high intensity discharge (HID) metal halide light fixtures with 351-watt and 234-watt high-efficiency fluorescent lights on the factory floor, significantly reducing energy usage even further.

In addition, Wren reduces energy and material consumption by:

–      Practicing load balancing to improve electricity efficiency

–      Drawing water from an on-site well to reduce the drain on the city’s water supply

–      Using renewable materials for product packaging

–      Grinding up leftover plastic from the product manufacturing process and sending it back to the manufacturer for reuse

–      Practicing a company-wide recycling program

This is Wren Founder Cliff Wren in front of a bin of plastic byproducts left over from the manufacturing process. These materials are sent back to the supplier to be reused.

GBB asked Wren about the biggest challenges they’ve faced in going green and discovered that Wren has not experienced many challenges around making its operations be more energy efficient. For most companies, the biggest hurdle may be one of education and changing habits. However, because our owners are firm believers in energy efficiency and reduced waste, etc., we didn’t have that challenge.

GBB wanted to know more about the positive results Wren has seen from going green.  They told us that in addition to the cost savings, being a green company has generated many positive results for Wren, its employees and its partners and customers including:

Green Building:

–      Fireproof and resistant to high winds

–      Reduced maintenance

–      Inexpensive to expand

Efficient Lighting:

–      Brighter, more evenly distributed light improves factory floor working conditions

New Product Packaging:

–      Better product protection

–      Increased efficiencies in unpacking and assembling products

–      Faster, more efficient installation for field technicians

Another positive result has been our ability over the years to produce high-quality products at competitive prices while conserving natural resources.

Of course, GBB wanted to learn more about the cost savings that Wren has realized.  They told us that their geothermal ground source heating and cooling system reduces Wren’s heating and cooling costs by more than half compared to conventional HVAC systems, and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 1 million pounds per year. The new lights are brighter and last longer, yet use 1/3 less energy, resulting in a 28,000 kWh reduction in annual energy consumption. With their new product packaging, they have reduced our packaging materials usage by 35 percent.

Wren’s experience [with the Green Business Bureau] has been very positive. They indicated that their team enjoys reading the great content provided by GBB and learning how other companies are addressing conservation.


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