Today’s businesses thrive on technology. Whether it be connected phones that power their social media accounts, smart devices to manage their thermostats or one of the many other types of devices and software available, it would be nearly impossible to run a successful business today without the support of tech. One Green Business Bureau Member is using technology to help other business thrive through by offering the ability to seamlessly accept credit card payments with ease.

Started in 1971, Worldpay is the top credit card processor in the world. They joined Green Business Bureau in 2018 to help them continue to live their company values, which they have summed up as, “we win together, we lead the way, we make it happen, we do the right thing.” The company helps their partners and merchants thrive in their business specialties through number of support areas, including:

  • EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) support with both tokenization and Point-to-Point Encryption.
  • Payment data that automatically syncs to eliminate manual reconciliation.
  • Fewer errors and chargebacks to help improve profitability, and faster transactions to keep lines short and customers happy.
  • Competitive pricing and rates to help add revenue to business’ bottom line.

Additionally, Worldpay offers the flexibility to accept all payment types, which means businesses can ensure all of their customers can receive their product or service. After joining Green Business Bureau, Worldpay began to make a number of green improvements to their company. These changes include setting up a robust recycling and composting program in each of their global offices, and creating green fountain programs to reduce their employees’ contribution to plastic waste from water bottles. Additionally, Worldpay has launched an employee volunteer program, which has allowed many employees to work with local nonprofits on green initiatives.

“We work with many independent software providers to to help them develop technology that incorporates environmentally conscious practices into their point of sale systems,” said Mawukle Yebuah, Channel Development Manager. “For example, many of our partners now have systems that utilize an email receipt feature so merchants don’t have to waste paper on receipts, and we think that is a great improvement.”

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