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Windsor Building Services Going Green with GBB

Windsor Building Services specializes in providing commercial janitorial services to businesses that absolutely must have their buildings cleaned correctly such as medical care facilities, ambulatory surgical centers, multi-tenant buildings, offices, manufacturing facilities, schools, churches, corporate headquarters, final construction sites and many other types of facilities. When you need dependable janitorial services you can rely on Windsor to provide the best, most convenient and environmentally-friendly solutions available today.

When asked why they chose GBB? “ we chose GBB because their initiatives were simple everyday things that we could easily implement into our procedures. We felt motivated to make changes immediately”

Windsor Building Services believes that anything that minimize their carbon footprint is beneficial. They are mindful that every single product and cleaning tool used has an impact on the environment.

“Reaching the Gold level was easier than we thought it would be. We are now striving to reach the Platinum level and that will entail some hard work. Implementing these new measures is not just for our company’s sake, we would like to see our employees applying these measures in their own lives. The number of plastic bottles and paper we consume on a daily basis is unbelievable – everyone should be doing their part to reuse and recycle. After all, don’t we want a clean environment for our children and grandchildren?”, Windsor Building Services.

Contact info – 1300 South Frazier Street, Ste 425
Conroe, TX 77301
Phone – Office (936) 756-7885
FAX – (936) 756-7882
Email: info@windsorservices.com


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