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Why Green Matters to Your Business

According to recent research, the green economy is booming while the rest of the economy is struggling to make a come-back, with 20 percent of American consumers buying green. That number will jump to 60 percent by the year 2015. As a business owner, what does that mean for you?

It means that many of your customers will be seeking green options in the near future, which means it’s time for you to jump on the green movement and start networking. Even if you aren’t able to specifically provide green products and services through your business, it is important to offer green resources to your customers, become familiar with green operations, and know the pros and cons associated with green. B2B communication comes into play here, since you’ll want to begin collaborating with companies and service providers who can provide eco-friendly products and services when your clients demand it.

Seek out businesses who have taken the time to become green certified, verifying their commitment to sustainability. From hospitality and transportation to city planning and government contracts, green is becoming more common, and in conjunction, the price of going green is decreasing. In many cases, choosing green can actually save money, a perk that your customers will appreciate and feel good about.

As green becomes increasingly more prevalent across the globe, it’s simply good business practice to familiarize yourself with the process – and maybe even jump on board. Most businesses that implement sustainable practices in the office can save thousands of dollars per year, making environmental awareness a win-win situation.



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