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Why Going Green works for Restaurants?

On our facebook page we asked, “Do you feel a lot of food is wasted in restaurants?”, the answer was obvious yes! Reducing portion sizes, composting left over food items, donating food, and using reusable to-go boxes are a few suggestions for restaurants to go green. In more broad terms, restaurants can save the planet and increase profits by focussing on waste reduction, water efficiency, food choice and energy use.

According to the Global Poverty Project, as much as 50% of food in the United States is wasted at some point in the production cycle, with some sources suggesting that as much as 20% of restaurant food is wasted. In fact, according to some sources restaurants in the United Kingdom waste as much as 600 thousand tons of food a year, while the United States is believed to be wasting as much as 48 million tons a year. Sadly, little of this food is composted, with as much as 98% of it ending up in landfills. By reducing waste, recycling and creating a sustainable business plan

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