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Which Celebrities are Celebrating Green?

We recently celebrated one of the most decadent events in the entertainment world as the 84th Academy Awards ceremony delivered Oscar after Oscar to accomplished actors, actresses, directors, song writers and more. While “The Artist” walked away with the award for Best Picture, “The Artist” star Jean Dujardin won for best actor, and the beloved Meryl Streep ran off with best actress in “The Iron Lady,” our own awards go to the following starts for their year long, and often multi-year, efforts at not just being fabulous but also at being green.

Leonardo DiCaprio, of Titanic fame, is one of Hollywood’s leading men when it comes to being eco-friendly. In addition to giving his time and money to Earth friendly initiatives, Leonardo lives his green inclinations even in the car he drives. Leonardo used to drive a Toyota Prius hybrid, but recently proved that green can still be fun when we upgraded to a hybrid 2012 Fisker Karma sports car. This amazing vehicle has a hybrid engine that gets excellent mileage as well as a solar powered sunroof that provides additional power to multiple vehicle systems. Leonardo also recently purchased an amazing green condo in the heart of New York City, featuring low emission paints and finishes, and rotating solar panels to provide power. Currently passionate about saving arctic tigers, Leonardo is a star who shines for the environment.

Salma Hayek is an actress and global warming crime fighter. As a member of the Global Green USA board, Salma works to fight global warming and supply fresh, clean drinking water to needy areas around the world. In her personal environmental efforts Salma drives a hybrid and lives in a California home that is fitted with solar panels to provide much of its power.

Natalie Portman, of Star Wars fame, is an a-list celebrity who has no qualms about sharing her animal loving lifestyle. Natalie, a vegan vegetarian since childhood, is extremely vocal about her opposition to using animals to create food or other products for human use. Recently Natalie has launched a line of shoes that shun leather or any animal products in favor of all man-made materials.

Willie Nelson, good old country boy, takes us back to the past a bit to look at how even old school stars can be modern day heroes. Willie has been a staunch supporter of clean burning bio diesel as a way to help struggling farmers sell more crops and keep our auto emissions cleaner. Since 2004 Willie has been distributing his bio diesel at a truck stop in Texas, working to end our dependence on foreign oil and bring this vegetable based fuel into the limelight.

Green Living in GBB BLOG

Gwyneth Paltrow, actress and mother, is not only living green but also teaching her own children to be environmentally conscious. One of her passions is composting; Gwyneth and her children maintain their own compost heaps in their very own backyard. Gwyneth, a confirmed vegetarian, is also teaming with Sir Paul McCartney to advocate Meatless Monday, encouraging people to go vegetarian at least one day a week.

Cameron Diaz is another actress who practices and preaches on environmental responsibility. Cameron has worked with MTV to produce an eco-friendly series where she helped educate people on a variety of issues include endangered animals, energy use, water consumption and the environment. Cameron also drives a hybrid vehicle and regularly purchases carbon offsets to make up for the travel that her job and activities require.

Green Living in GBB BLOG

Celebrities and You While your life and financial situation may seem far removed from these rich, famous celebrities, the truth is that everyone can make a difference. One way that you can help the environment is by talking to others and sharing your concerns. Another way is to practice what you preach, making green choices in your daily life.

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