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Ways Health Clubs Can Fight Recession by Going Green

By September 2, 2011Blog, Member News

Did you know an average treadmill uses about 1500 watts of power that is equivalent to powering 15 old-fashioned light bulbs and in the process produces two pounds of CO2? Did you know the energy produced by 30,000 fitness centers located in the United States can power a small city?

Increasingly as Americans are looking for green options from driving hybrid cars to buying local produced food, business owners are facing a host of new questions. What are you doing to reduce your carbon footprint? How environmentally friendly your business practices are? How do you actually become green during recession?

Being a health club owner, going green becomes a natural step forward. The primary focus of health clubs is to improve the health of the members and going green focuses on protecting the health of the planet. With increased competition in the health club industry, businesses can differentiate themselves from the competition by going green while simultaneously, improving the bottom line.

Adopting sustainably practices can help reduce the electricity bill which is the major operating cost for most health clubs. Shifting to energy-efficient compact fluorescents or LED bulbs can cut significant costs. Turn of lights in non-essential areas or turn on only every other row of lights in large areas such as gyms and swimming pools. Install dimmer switches on lights and keep lights at half brightness are other small steps that health clubs can take.

Today, many companies are producing special equipment for making health clubs energy efficient. The Green Revolution, a Connecticut based business has added around 1000 bikes at 60 gyms that convert the direct current created by pedaling into alternating current to be sent to the power grid.

Another important aspect of making your sustainability goals successful is to educate your employees. Encourage employees to share the health clubs initiatives with the clients to ensure that everyone at the facility is acting responsibly towards the environment. Learn more about what your health club can do to fight recession!

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