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Utility Companies Giving Away Something for Free?

Imagine, the outside temperature is reaching the triple digits, so you walk over to the thermostat to kick the air conditioner a couple more degrees cooler. Just then the power goes out and the inside temperature spikes. With this being the third outage this summer, you make the decision to look for a new power company. This is one of the reasons that some power companies are actually encouraging businesses to find ways to lower their energy usage, and in turn their costs, by providing them with an energy audit.

If a utility company can help their large consumers lower their energy usage, the utility company’s power supply has more wiggle room, and becomes more stable and dependable. With so many people caught up in tech gadgets and the internet today, having a power outage is unacceptable. As well as becoming more stable, some utilities might be able to fit in more accounts for electricity when they gain extra space on the power grid. Even though this is still a new concept and not found everywhere, a business can profit tremendously if their utility provider will do an energy audit for them.

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Competition Makes a Win-Win

In Texas alone there can be over fourteen power companies fighting for your account. Providing the additional service of an energy audit to your business can provide a utility with that final leading edge to catch your account. Some states, such as New York, Texas, Illinois, and more, have so many utility companies, that a business named ChooseEnergy.com has sprung up on the internet to help you choose between them. This site provides some details for each company, along with their kilowatt/hour price and customer reviews. Energy audits were not a prominent service mentioned, but this site does give a general sense of what type the utility is and informs the customer of what utilities are available to choose from. If the utility does not provide audits, they might provide rebate credits for approved energy saving projects, such as changing light fixtures.

Free Upgrades

National Grid in Rhode Island at www.nationalgridus.com has a tab especially for Energy Efficiency to help its customers, including businesses, make the most out of their purchased energy. With companies that fall within the defined small business category, National Grid offers to perform a free energy audit. Once it is determined that improvements should be done, according to the site, they will pay up to seventy percent of the cost of the equipment and will finance the other thirty percent. The utility can make these offers available, because National Grid offers large businesses incentive credits, as opposed to free equipment. There are also classes and engineers for hire to help design and train a company for going green. Not all utilities offer these types of services, but when found, all businesses need to take advantage of such offers where available.

Growing Possibilities

While still a new concept for power companies to pick up, several companies and coalitions are gathering together on sites for consumer to find them. The National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO) has compiled listings of companies in areas of all types of commerce and help businesses find an energy provider that can meet their needs at www.naesco.org. This site will give you the breakdown of what a power company can provide and whether they work to be sustainable. They also designate the accreditations the company has.

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Imagine the Possibilities

As energy companies realize the benefits of helping smaller businesses grow into the energy conservation arena, opportunities for these small businesses to succeed in today’s economy will only get better. At www.energysavers.gov the first step for energy audits is to check with your local utility company. If they are not on the leading edge of providing energy assistance, then the site does give a state by state listing of what other services are provided in the area. A small business can even find out how they can begin performing their own energy audit. The best solution will always be to check the local utilities in the area, and switching providers might be the solution to saving money if better services are available. It is a breath of fresh air to see that major corporations like a power company can step back and see that helping out the little guy can not only help both make more money, but can help mother earth in the end, too.






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