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Using Solar Power to Make Your House More Eco-Friendly

By March 11, 2015Blog

There are many reasons why we can agree that decreasing the amount of money spent on our energy bills is a wonderful thing, but that takes a bit of research and preparation if you want to make it happen. Residential solar power usually has less efficiency compared to commercial solar power, but you can still benefit from using solar power to a great extent. Green energy takes a specific approach, so the following tips will point out how you can use solar power to make it happen:

  • Commercial systems have quite a few advantages you can make use of, especially compared to residential solar power systems. They are usually installed in well-lit locations where the technology can work on a greater scale, allowing for the use of more efficient storage cells and other tech connected to photovoltaic solar power.
  • There is a good reason why people like a set of solar panels around their homes. They offer the chance of independence from your local power supplier and it will lower your dependency of fossil fuels, staying away from dirty energy sources. Installing solar power around your home is a possibility, especially useful when you’ve done a home clearance and moved into a new home. If you happened to buy a place that has far too much that needs to be cleared out, then waste disposal, junk removal and garden clearance will be necessary before you move forward with your plans.
  • There are ways you can have a more efficient technology than the usual photovoltaic one, which is SWHS (Solar Water Heating Systems), which provide a cheaper, yet still reliable alternative to the usual PV system. Photovoltaic technology take at least a decade to pull their own weight financially, paying off as they are used, but solar water heaters are faster when it comes to such terms.
  • Once you figure out the subsidies into the final price, you will be able to pay off the price of a SWHS system in the span of a few years, unlike the decade or so of a photovoltaic system. SWHS will also provide more efficiency in terms of electrical energy as well when it comes to heating water as well. Both technologies have their ups and downs, so you would do well to do a more thorough research of what they have to offer before you make your choice.
  • Natural gas costs are on the rise, ever so slowly climbing up because of a number of reasons, so having solar power is an excellent way of staying ahead of the curve and away from such issues. If you’re looking for solar power for simply supplemental purposes, then you will still find what you’re looking for. You would do well to check if you can make an energy audit to figure out how this type of system would benefit you in the long run before you move and make your choice.


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