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Upgrade Your Office Lighting to Go Green

By December 15, 2014Blog

Lighting is not the first thing that you notice when you go to work, but it surely has a huge influence, not only on the office, but also on the environment. Adding a little a green touch to the working place should be of high priority.  Changing the lighting bulb is not the only way to bring change to your office. You can make improvements in terms of the kind of fixtures and power sources you use. Don’t underestimate the powerful impact of eco–friendly habits.

The Green Bulb

Let’s start with the basics. Replace the standard incandescent bulbs with their fluorescent alternatives. They come in different colours and sizes and can be easily incorporated in your office interior. Fluorescent bulbs, also, make sense in economical terms. They save energy and have a longer lifespan. Although, you will need to spend a little bit more upfront, the investment will repay. You can take advantage of the online clearance of online stores and warehouses. If these reasons are not enough, the eco – friendly devices are safer because they emit less heat. In this way your office space will be easier to cool during the summer.

Go LEDs!

The fluorescent bulbs are good, but the LEDs (light emitting diodes) are even better. Their clever technology makes them extremely efficient, reducing the energy consumption by almost 90% percent. A LED light bulb has a long life and lights up faster than its counterparts. Currently they are considered expensive, but they are starting to gain popularity on the market and become more and more affordable. Again you can check on the internet for any seasonal clearance.

What about the materials?

The light may be the most important feature, but it should not be the only one you should consider when buying a bulb. Pick lamps and fixtures with eco – friendly characteristics. For instance, they are made out of recycled, reused or natural materials such as metal, glass plastic or wood and cloth.


If you are using fluorescent lamps, keep in mind that they cannot be simply put in the trash. As most of the bulbs they have small quantity of mercury. Instead, you should turn to your local recycling facility or check what options are available in your area. If you are performing a clearance by removing your old lighting fixtures, you can hire a professional clearance company. Pick one that incorporates green practices. The rubbish removal is your responsibility and you should have an eco – friendly approach. The good news is that for what is known LEDs don’t contain mercury. This doesn’t mean that you are free to have reckless approach.

Motion Sensors

They are the perfect way to control the lightning at your office. If you or your co – workers are caught in their job and forget to turn – off the lights, this is the perfect solution. Dimmers can be adjusted in order to bring as much light as you need.

Buy Green Power

You can promote the green lifestyle at your office by buying green energy. It will cost you a couple of dollars more, but in this way you will support renewable sources.


Natural light is still the greenest way to handle your indoor lightning. The sun provides you with healthier full – spectrum light for free. Keep the blinds. Big windows and skylights will let the natural light penetrate the office. This will save energy and will create a soothing office atmosphere.

Initiate a “green revolution” at your office, starting from your lights!

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