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Tree Planting by GBB Platinum Member SIG Combibloc

On October 26, 2012 Beatriz Callanta, Gerry Gallery, and Angel Washington volunteered their time and services along with members of Chester-Ridley-Crum (CRC) Watersheds Association and Pennsylvania Horticulture Society (PHS) to plant trees at the Hillside Farm in the Elwyn Institute.  The serene property was located only 7 miles away from the SIG Combibloc Chester office. The event was to support the protection of water resources for the local community. CRC Watersheds Association and PHS are both local non-profit organizations dedicated to the protection of the environment and its beauty. Planting trees was quite a perfect activity to reconnect the Green Team and the Employee Relations Committee initiatives. It was a busy and successful 2 hours that resulted in 24 planted trees.

This was a great opportunity for SIG Combibloc to support, promote and celebrate our dedication to the environment and community service. It emphasized and aligned our values and visions with SIG Combibloc’s stance on environmental responsibility. It was also an opportunity to celebrate FSC Friday (although late, but still great!) and create awareness on our position with responsibly managed forests. Getting to know CRC and PHS, SIG Combibloc was able to make long-lasting relationships with local community organizations that will become resources of knowledge and future volunteering events for our SIG Combibloc team.

For more information:

Bea Callanta +1 (610) 546-4164

* bea.callanta@sig.biz


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