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Top 7 Ways to Greening your Business like a Boss

Going green is the right thing to do for the environment, but did you know that it can help to affect your company’s bottom line positively too? You’d be amazed at how many expenses you can cut if you just try and make your office a greener environment that uses “green” processes and looks for ways to reduce waste. If you’re going to go green at home, it’s smart to do the same at the office.

Since we can’t all work in a spiffy office with a living plant wall or in our backyard all the time we needed to really explore all the options available to greening up the office.

Here are a few ways you can be a greener business:

1)     Hire Telecommuters Unless your business requires the personnel to be physically present in the office, you may want to consider hiring people that can work from home. Not only will you reduce the amount of office space you need, but you’ll reduce the gas your employees spend traveling to and from the office. If they can’t work at home every day, consider allowing them to do so one or two days each week.

2)     Use Teleconferencing Need to make an important visit to the head office? Business travel is very expensive, and it’s not the “greenest” option. If you can purchase teleconferencing equipment, you’ll be able to have the important meeting without ever having to travel anywhere.

3)     Promote Bus Use Why not provide incentives to the employees that use the bus to get to work every day? Pay for their bus fare two weeks out of every month, or offer them a bonus if they ride the bus more often than driving. It will be a bit of an extra expense, but it’s a good way to reduce traffic and cut car emissions – at least a bit.

4)     Buy Recycled You can find just about everything recycled these days, but recycled paper is probably the most common product. If you have to do a lot of printing, buy paper that has been recycled – along with an economical printer that uses as little ink as possible.

5)     Go Electronic Very few businesses need to print everything out, and almost every company will benefit from going electronic. You can send all of your invoices, track orders, and send information via the internet and a wide range of apps and programs you can have created for your company. The cost of the software development may be a bit high, but it will streamline your operations noticeably.

6)     Try Solar Power Installing a few solar panels on the roof of your office may not only help you to cut your electric bill, but will ensure that you use clean energy. The investment is a bit steep initially, as solar panels aren’t usually too cheap. However, the government usually gives tax breaks to companies that use clean energy, so it’s a win-win.

7)     Only Use Eco-Friendly Appliances Got a lot of computers, lights, fridges, photocopy machines, and other appliances at the office? Instead of buying just the cheapest ones, buy the ones with the highest Energy Star rating – a mark of an eco-friendly appliance. They’ll run a lot longer, and they’ll use much less power in the process.

Don’t forget plants in the office really add a lot to the environment, and make everyone happier! Let’s be honest, greenery and flowers are just really pretty.

It’s not going to be cheap to be a greener business, but it’s worth it! Go ahead and look for ways that you can turn your company into a cleaner, more environmentally-conscious place.


Stefanie Bio: Stefanie is an avid explorer of all things good: Good companies, good products, good food, good ideas and good times!  Marketing supergirl, part time blogger and social butterfly at Essentia means lots of espresso, but that’s all part of the fun. Connect with her on twitter.  

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