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Top 10 tips for running an Eco-Friendly Business

By September 29, 2011Blog, Member News

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How green is your business? Do you show a commitment to helping the planet as well as hitting your targets? Well, it’s a pledge that more and more organisations are making to help promote a more sustainable, eco-friendly way of conducting their work.

Some larger organisations work in partnership with charities and donate a considerable percentage of their profits to green causes – such as The World Land Trust, which helps to save hundreds of acres of rainforest from destruction.

Other companies focus on minimising the impact their activities have on the environment. Remember, your green efforts can start small – even little changes to your everyday routines can make a positive difference.

Here are top ten ways to make your business greener:

1. Create a green policy in your business that involves a long-term commitment to green issues. Make sure this is well promoted within the organisation and that all staff receive adequate discussion/training around the aims and objectives of the policy.

2. Completely turn off equipment when it is not in use. Switch it off rather than put it on stand-by.

3. Minimise the amount of paper you use by printing double-sided wherever possible.

4. Whenever you’re able, email documents rather than printing them.

5. Try to use recycled paper in all areas of your business.

6. Try to choose suppliers who have strong green credentials.

7. Implement adequate recycling facilities for the size of your company – ensure that bins are clearly marked and that employees understand what materials can be recycled.

8. Help reduce fax-related paper waste by getting a fax modem. A fax modem enables a computer to transmit and receive documents as faxes.

9. If disposing of electrical equipment, make sure you comply with The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive).

10. Help promote eco-friendly ways of getting to work. If you’re an employer you could set-up a Cyclescheme in your office. This enables your employees to buy bikes tax-free which saves them around half the cost.

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