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Things you should know about Green Hotels

What is a Green Hotel? What makes a Green Hotel different from other hotels? These are some of the questions that environmentally conscious travelers have to consider due to substantial growth of green in the travel industry.

Green hotels strive to adopt environment friendly practices including opting for green buildings, minimizing water and energy waste, and reducing solid waste. Given the volume of services provided by hotels, even small changes can yield significant benefits for the hotel and reduce the effect of operations on the environment.

Hotels deciding to make the the green shift are able to raise profits through two avenues.Firstly, by appealing to environmentally conscious customers, green hotels are able to increase customer base in an increasingly green travel industry. Secondly, green hotels reap the benefits of reduced operational costs by adopting water and energy saving practices.

Simply installing low-flow shower heads, putting “towel change cards” in the rooms, and working towards recycling will put you on the path towards becoming green. Other changes like shifting to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and installing motion sensors in lobby areas could significantly add up to the savings.

Three white towels in a luxury hotel
Next question is how you can become a green hotel? Becoming a green hotel requires that you make changes to your business process and equipment that promote sustainability. You will want to follow this by getting a green hotel certification that your customers can trust to advertise your efforts.

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