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These Window Upgrades Can Help You Rent Your Property Faster

By December 19, 2014Blog

Windows play an important role in how desirable your home is to renters. For starters, they’re an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to energy efficiency. In a survey done by Realtor.com, nearly 85 percent of respondents said they want to live in or own a eco-friendly home, and nearly 68 percent would pay more for an eco-friendly home. Windows also create interesting visual elements and add character to a space, making the property more appealing. Make some eco-friendly updates to the windows on your property, and you’ll attract more renters who are willing to spend a bit more on rent.

Curb Appeal & Your Entryway

Grab their attention from the moment they pull up with some interesting design choices. Make sure to work with the natural architecture of your home; for example, if you have a Victorian home, install stained glass windows. For a classic look, install white wood shutters on the exterior. For modern design, install a front door with glass paneling that allows natural light to come through. Techniques like adding grids of windows that are visible from the street will give the exterior a face-lift while opening up the interior of the home. You can also install sidelights on both sides of your front door to add visual interest.

Let the Light In

Sunlight adds cheer to a home, and exposure to sunlight is proven to help restore people’s mental and physical health. Choose window treatments that allow the sun to stream in and give people a sense of warmth associated with light and sunshine. Doing so makes a space feel airy, comfortable and relaxed. Cellular blinds are a great option for any windows; different styles will block out, trap in or filter light that comes into space.

Exposure Matters

Northern exposure windows seldom see the sun, so you will want to use a few design tips to keep the space feeling open, light and fresh. Use light and neutral paint colors, like creams, yellows and whites to make a room feel open and large. Adding plants and bright pops of color will look great on a neutral background. Plants also make air quality better and help to bring nature indoors.

Southern and western exposure windows receive the most sunlight and can add a lot of light and heat to a room. East and west-facing windows receive more sunlight during summer months, and south-facing windows are ideal for solar heat during winter months.

Window Treatments

Approximately one-third of a home’s total heat loss occurs through windows and doors, according to a study by the Natural Resources Defenses Council. Luckily, you can use window treatments to help regulate the temperature in the home. When it’s hot out, cover windows on the south, east and west sides of the house, as they receive the most sunlight. When it’s cold, leave shades and blinds open on sunny days and keep them closed at night. You can purchase custom window treatments that will help keep the heat in and the cold out. Just make sure to think about the weight of the materials you buy and be mindful of the way they block or filter light. Window treatments should balance out the room and add color, texture and character, bit detract from it.

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