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The Technology Behind Timberland Bionic Canvas

Shoes are not always the first thing you think about when you think green or environment. First,shoes are rarely the color green, but more to the point they are rarely made with recycling or energy efficiency in mind. Many shoes use animal products and petroleum products, with no concern for eco-friendliness or conservation of materials. But now Timberland has developed a new canvas shoe which is groundbreaking in its materials – Bionic canvas.

The Technology Behind Bionic Canvas: The technology behind Bionic canvas is exciting, unique and very new. This canvas is woven from unique, strong, patented fibers that combine the best of renewable,natural resources with recycled products. The basic magic behind Bionic canvas is the thread. First, Timberland researchers created a unique, durable yet pliable Bionic thread, and then used that to weave Bionic canvas.
Bionic canvas is made out of thread that is woven in a double helixstructure; this is a method of weaving layers of thread. The thread used to weave Bionic canvas starts with a durable PET core. PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate. It does not sound too green, does it? Well, it can be. PET is a type of food grade, inexpensive, lightweight, shatter resistant plastic, but it is also recyclable, bearing the “1” level recycle label. The PET used in Bionic canvas has already been recycled, meaning that no new petroleum is used to create this canvas thread.
For Bionic thread, this PET core is then wrapped in thin threads of recycled plastic. Finally, this package of recycled plastic is wrapped in an organic cotton which is grown without pesticides or fertilizer. Once woven into the shoe canvas, Bionic canvas is twice as strong as traditional shoe canvas and is 30% stronger than other canvas. This makes the Timberland Bionic canvas shoe one of the most durable shoes on the market, perfect for work or hard working play.

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The Style of Bionic Canvas: With Timberland design and Bionic canvas durability, a great shoe has been born. Timberland uses this new, durable fabric to create a variety of shoe styles and types for both men and women, suitable for both work and play.
Functional design was the ideal behind this new Bionic canvas.Timberland has met their goal of functional design in a way that embraces organic and recycled products to create new, necessary footwear. Among the most popular styles that Timberland has designed with Bionic canvas are the following:


  • Earthkeeper Cupsole 2.0 Canvas Deck Chukka: This shoe,designed for men, features Bionic canvas on top, treated with water proofing technology. To round out a strong, durable and eco-friendly shoe the soles are made of green rubber, a type of environmentally friendly, recycled rubber. This is a perfect shoe,ready for tough work in any climate or environment, from a day on the construction site to a weekend hiking in the mountains.


  • City Adventure Split Cupsole Leather and Fabric Ox: For the urban man, Timberland has designed the City Adventure shoe. Bionic canvas blended with suede makes this shoe extra durable. Lined with a moisture wicking material, these shoes keep sweat away from the skin keeping you dry and comfortable. The foot bed is made of an anti-fatigue material and the sole is made of Gripstick rubber to last on those long treks through the city or the park.


  • Earthkeepers Vintera Chukka: Designed for women only, this shoe has an earthy look inspired by vintage travel luggage. The shoe is designed with a combination of Bionic canvas and burnished leather, which wears beautifully giving them an even more interesting look the longer you own them. The PET liner offers climate control and breathability, while the removable sole lining provides all day comfort. The flexible rubber soles are light weight and provide maximum traction.


  • Earthkeepers Vintera Oxford. Another women-only design, the oxford is casual yet stylish. This shoe is lightweight, flexible and durable. The lining is breathable and eco-friendly. Beautiful and durable, this is a perfect shoe for daily wear.


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