Home improvement can not only prove a great investment, but time well spent on transforming where you live. Proper maintenance and renovations are important not only to ensure your family’s comfort and safety, but also to protect your investment. Update your house by making it more stylish, eco-friendly, modern and attractive for a potential sale in the future. Bring in the New Year by improving and reinvigorating your surroundings with some easy-to-implement ideas.

DIY Fixes

Some fixes are simple enough to tackle on your own. First, assess your home and come up with a list of possible repairs or renovations that you would like to make. Then, make sure you have the time and the proper tools before you begin.

Some common DIY home improvements and easy upgrades include:

  •      Painting: Whether it is redoing your child’s bedroom, the master bedroom, or giving your living room a new color,   painting can be a safe DIY project that will freshen up the look and feel of your home. For greener choices, consider eco-friendly house paint.
  •      Cabinet and door upgrades: Give your kitchen or bathroom cabinets a facelift.
  •      Entryway: Improve your entryway with plants, flowers, and even solar powered lights to boost your home’s first impression.
  •      Dishwasher: Install a dishwasher in your home to simplify daily tasks and conserve water.
  •      Shutters: Add a little personality to the interior of your rooms by adding wooden shutters that increase privacy and let in the sunlight when you want it.
  •      Caulking windows: This is not only relatively simple, but helps you save energy.

Pro Fixes

Most house owners eventually wonder whether they should hire a professional or stick with DIY for certain projects.  To determine the best plan of action, consider difficulty level, time frame, and tools needed before you decide. As LifeHacker suggests, any project that has the potential for serious injury or that can affect the structural integrity of your home might be better left to professionals.

Projects that are likely to have a bigger impact on your home, according to HGTV, include  kitchen and bathroom remodels.

Bathroom Remodels:

According to HomeAdvisor, the average time to remodel a bathroom is 3-4 weeks, and costs about  $6,533 – $16,408. When doing your bathroom, you want to modernize it, increase comfort, and improve sustainability. Consider the following:

  •      Low-flow toilets and showerheads: These newer types of toilets waste less water per flush.
  •      Windows: Add windows for natural light and ventilation.
  •      Tub or shower: Upgrade or remove outdated-looking tubs, and choose an environmentally-friendly shower and showerhead.

Kitchen Remodels:

A kitchen remodel is likely to take a little longer than other renovation projects, but can greatly enhance your home. While you’re at it, implement some greener options:

  •      Eco-friendly flooring: Consider using sustainable options like linoleum and cork.
  •      Green countertops: Many countertops can be made with recycled materials like glass, paper, and cement.
  •      Energy star products and appliances: These will help reduce your energy bills over time.

Other Green Fixes

Improving your house’s eco-friendly status is certain to impress everyone in the neighborhood. Making your house greener can increase the value of your home in the future as the world turns to more environmentally-friendly alternatives, including:

  •      Tankless water heater: This type of water heater uses less energy than older models.
  •      Flooring: There are plenty of eco-friendly options, like bamboo.
  •      Solar roof panels: Use the power of the sun to save some electricity.
  •      Plant trees: Not only does this add curb appeal and aesthetic value, but it can improve air quality.
  •      Sky lights: This is a great way to help your house get more natural light and conserve energy.

As the New Year kicks in, looking for green, smart home resolutions will increase the appeal and value of your home while giving it a new and refreshed look. Keeping up with your home means sustaining and strengthening your investment. This year, don’t just envision it; improve your surroundings and your environment, and do it in style.


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