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The MTV Awards, both Music and Movies, are Huge – and so is the Eco Lounge

By September 3, 2011Blog, Member News

If you like music, movies and awards shows then MTV is the place for you. Just this week MTV held their MTV Video Music Awards, their biggest event of the year. This comes hot on the tail of the amazing MTV Movie Awards that was held just this summer. Likely, you have spent some part of today having a blast surfing away online reading all about who wore what, who sang what and if there were any wardrobe malfunctions (there weren’t) at the music awards last night. This may even re-spark your interest in the movie awards from just a short time ago – you can re-watch the entire thing at MTVs website. But for those of you interested in Hollywood and Green, and no we don’t mean any cross streets within the city, you may be interested in one of the events that was held a few weeks before the actual awards event – the MTV Eco-Lounge.

A Summary of the 2011 MTV Awards
So, the music awards were this week – August 28th, and things were hot. Katie Perry, nominated for 10 awards (the most of any nominee this year), took home Video of the Year while Lady Gaga walked away with Best Female Video. Britney Spears and Justin Bieber both took home awards as well. But, let’s take a short step back to the MTV Movie Awards. Reese Witherspoon was honored with the MTV Generation Award, acknowledging her for an amazing lifetime career, one that has likely just begun. Twilight: Eclipse won best movie, and Justin Bieber’s lap dance won Best Jaw Dropping Moment. But, with all these people strolling down the red carpet, did you ever pause to wonder if there was any green around? Like the eco-friendly kind of green?

Well, there was. Beforehand.
Unfortunately, award shows are really anything but green. They use electricity like wild trying to keep all those dressed up people cool and playing those crazy video’s and life performances. Clothing is far from green as the stars wear dresses and suits designed for them exclusively to be seen in on that day. You may not know but most of those rich and famous people get to wear these amazing outfits for free. Yep, you have to pay for your prom dress and wedding tux, but rock stars with money to burn get decked out for free. They also get to go green for free, like at the MTV Eco-Lounge in July.

What is the MTV Video Music Awards Eco-Lounge?

In addition to getting fabulous garb for free and having all eyes watch as they strut down that red carpet, your favorite MTV Video Music Awards stars are also treated to a virtual buffet of complimentary events and gifts for days before the actual awards ceremony. One of those events is the MTV Video Music Awards Eco-Lounge. Held the day before the actual awards ceremony, the eco-lounge is an event of green proportions. Awards nominees and other famous desirables were invited to a palatial, beautiful green park in Los Angeles, where they were given a number of free green gifts including organic shoes, recycled R.E.U.S.E. Jeans, and recycled paper. They was also an opportunity for the stars to be educated on eco-friendly products (such as solar panels) and charity initiatives (such as breast cancer awareness).
Attending the event were stars of a variety of generations and genre’s. Kevin Sorbo, of Hercules fame was on hand, as well as 1980s brat packer Judd Nelson. Alexys Nycole Sanchez of Grown-Ups was on scene, as well as Steve-O and much more. Many stars joined in to record PSAs for the Only You Can Save Energy campaign.

What Does it All Mean
Someone once said that all social change begins in the arts. Certainly the rich and famous do have a way of serving as role models for everyday people in a variety of ways. Today, celebrities are definitely starting to embrace the green in their homes, their clothing, their cars and their lifestyles… at least to some extent. While we cannot count on celebrities to save the world – everything needs to play a role in that – we can look to them for examples of green living and for inspiration.

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