Paper can be a huge source of waste for today’s companies. From excessive printing to products used and thrown away in the office kitchen, focusing on lessening paper waste can be a huge money saver for businesses. In fact, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, companies could save large amounts of money just by reducing paper waste by 1 percent. The good news is, there are already businesses that are thinking of and addressing this issue, helping to reduce waste around the world and setting the stage for some serious money saving.

One such company is Green Business Bureau Member, The Doyle Group. Started by Joe Doyle in 1981 with the goal of creating an organization dedicated to the utilization and optimization of Direct Response Marketing, The Doyle Group has grown into a successful eCommerce organization focused on the Complementary Medicine space. Today, the company consists of two major business lines: Media and Technology Services, and both business lines are focused on providing the highest quality content and customer experience to their various customer bases.

The Doyle Group has made company-wide changes toward making the earth cleaner and better, and as the company grows, the team is dedicated to having their sustainability practices to grow too. The Doyle Group’s biggest focus area has been on going paperless. In fact, today, the company is an almost completely paperless business! They have dones this in both their customer facing business and internally. For example, The Doyle Group has tried to move away from printing and paper-waste by communicating and sharing through online resources. They have also completely done away with paper and plastic cups and utensils in the office to encourage employees to use reusable alternatives.

By making efforts to move physical documents to electronic document systems, and cutting printing internally completely by using online resources and tools, The Doyle Group has successfully encouraged employees to use reusable alternatives instead.

“Every business should be continuously striving to be greener!” said Jordan Garmon, Office Manager. “Earth sustainability and recognizing just how much we actually do impact the earth in our everyday efforts is vital.”

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