Businesses today rely on technology in some form in order to support operations. Whether you own a cleaning service that provides customers with electronic invoicing, a brick and mortar type store that uses a point-of-sale system or an online-based business that hosts important documents in the cloud, computers have become a part of everyday life for every type of business. While these increases in technology have provided the ability for businesses to work more efficiently, they can also cause setbacks when computer systems fail. Green Business Bureau member, TechTeamOne, helps businesses and individuals to combat the downtime these tech issues can create by providing remote help desk services for computers, tablets, smartphones and printers.

Based in Austin, Texas, TechTeamOne was started in 2015 under the ContactWorks business umbrella to help fill the need for reliable computer support that could be done from the comfort of the home or office. By relying on remote-based support, TechTeamOne is able to jump onto their customers’ computers from any location, cutting down on drive time for repairs. This has allowed the company to support the goal of saving fuel for customers, and decreasing auto emissions for both clients and employees. In addition to focusing on emission reduction, TechTeamOne is currently undertaking a paper and plastic recycling program that allows them to focus on small ways their company can make a difference in reducing the amount waste are creating. The company also routinely recycles old hardware, ensuring that less e-waste ends up in the world’s landfills.

“At TechTeamOne, we want to keep your business technology working, while you reduce your need to travel to a repair center,” said TechTeamOne Founder and President, Tom Sultenfuss. “Our Green Business Bureau membership has supported us in our goal of tackling effective green programs that allow us to make a difference in our industry, and we’re excited to continue our mission of providing green-focused, tech support solutions ”

With years of experience supporting businesses and individuals with their technology needs, TechTeamOne is able to help remove viruses, troubleshoot printers, fix OS issues, repair software and networking devices, and more, all from one centralized location. To learn more about TechTeamOne and their ability to support “IT for Everyone,” visit:

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