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Take Your Commitment to Green Back to School with a Green MBA Program

Going back to school for an advanced degree can be one of the biggest decisions you ever make in your life. Going to school will impact the time you have to spend with family and friends, your stress level, and your wallet. It will also open up new doors to a future career. But did you know that your pursuit of higher education actually has an impact on the earth? It’s true.

There are actually two ways that your education can have a green impact. The first is in the impact of the education itself, the second is with the knowledge you gain in your education.

Going Green with Your Education
First, let’s spend a moment considering how earning an advanced degree can impact the ecology of the world. For most people, earning a degree means registering for school, buying a set of printed text books, driving across town to the nearest university, parking, sitting in class, then driving home. Today we have the option to make even education green, saving the environment by learning without driving off to class, bound book in hand. Online education allows you to earn an MBA or almost any other degree, from the comfort of your home without the green house gasses of gasoline or killing trees by printing books. You can do your work online, access your books through your computer, and get the skills you need to improve your career without emitting unnecessary greenhouse gasses or consuming unnecessary resources.

The MBA in Sustainable Business
Now, the other option for green education is to actually prepare for a career in the field of green. The MBA in sustainable business is a relatively new degree which teaches the fundamentals of being a master of business, with a focus on how sustainable business can be good for a company’s consumer relations, earth relations and their bottom line.

Green business programs in general, and green MBA programs in particular, work to blend various economic, environmental and social concerns into sustainable business practices. These programs are certainly not designed for environmental extremists, rather, they target future business leaders who want to make an impact on society by demonstrating how eco-friendly practices can be used to improve society, create a better relationship between business and consumers, and yet improve the bottom line of any business project.

Choosing a Top School
Some people who are unfamiliar with the value of sustainable business might think that a green MBA is a watered down business degree for tree hugging hippies; nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, MBAs that focus on teaching sustainable business practices are cropping up at Ivy League universities and other renowned schools around the country. Following is a sampling of top academic schools who offer sustainable business and marketing degrees:

Stanford University, Stanford, California.Always on the cutting edge of education and business, Stanford has a program called the Business Strategies for Environmental Sustainability program.

Presidio Graduate School, San Francisco, California. This school offers a dual MBA and MPA in sustainable management.

Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut. While Yale’s green business program is still growing, the school is showing a strong commitment to sustainable business, adding courses and programs to their offerings and partnering with various eco-friendly divisions.

The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Demonstrating a firm commitment to practice what it preaches, U of M is developing a variety of green programs while also revamping their own buildings to be more sustainable.

Merging the Two Greens of Education
Of course, if you really want to be effective in your eco-friendly efforts, you can go green in both your degree and school. As the wave of sustainable business sweeps the globe, online programs in sustainable business have popped up. Cut your carbon footprint even further by earning your green MBA online, considering one of these online programs:

Walden University. This entirely online program offers an MBA in sustainable futures. With field studies and an option to study abroad, this rigorous program will prepare you for a career in sustainable business as well as any land-based school could.

Anaheim University. This on-ground school has an online program that allows you to earn an MBA in sustainable business in just 18 months. After this program you will be prepared for a variety of careers in business.

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