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Sustainable Energy Office Tips And Guidelines

By September 29, 2014Blog

If you need to use energy with greater efficiency in your daily life at the office or you want to make sure your business uses less or uses more effective means, you will need a little help to make it happen:

  • Far too many people tend to keep the temperature of their thermostat too high. You would do well to keep it above 70°F (20°C) if you want to keep the costs down during the summer months. Even a few degrees can make a pretty serious difference when dealing with the heating or cooling bill.
  • A lot of heat loss around an office building happens through the windows, more specifically if they are single glazed. You would do well to address that issue if your office is in a building that has energy efficient windows and you use keep heavy curtains closed during the night all over the place to keep heat transfer to a minimum. You also need to ensure any curtains don’t hang over radiators, as they will allow heat to bleed out of the room they’re in, blocking most of it from actually warming the room.
  • You must also work on closing the doors if you want to separate heated from unheated areas, since this will help minimize the heat loss between. After all, there is no need to heat areas nobody works in, unless your office has central air conditioning.
  • Make sure you switch off any electronics and appliances instead of leaving them on standby. This will not only help you in the long run, but also you will have a chance to save up to 20% of the total electric bill. Vampire energy can be a constant drain on your resources.
  • You must make better use of your central air conditioning and its thermostat if you want to save energy. If it happens to be programmable, make sure you set it so it won’t run at its strongest during the night or make sure it turns on about an hour before work.
  • Use CFL light bulbs. They will get the job done with a fraction of the energy needed by a typical incandescent light bulb and they last a lot longer.
  • Kitchen appliances for your break room can be energy demanding, so you would do well to look for an energy efficient label when you make your purchase.
  • Insulation is also a very important, if not the most important part of keeping your office hot or warm. It will end up helping you save up to 40% of the total heating bill. Make sure you have everything insulated and do an energy audit if you feel you can improve upon what you already have.


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