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Sustainable energy, green tips for office

By October 30, 2014Blog

Nowadays it is important to be aware of the environment as the threats to its safety are bigger than ever. Making small changes to how you live and work will help make a difference to saving the planet. If everyone in the world made small changes to their lifestyle then will all contribute to preserving the nature and the planet? If you operate a business then here are some eco friendly steps to a greener workplace.

Recycling is one of the most important ways of reducing waste and help to reduce pollution in the environment. Make an effort to separate your waste materials into separate bins, and label them into plastic, paper, card and glass. This way your staff will get into the habit of separating the waste from the office. Recycling paper will help save the trees, with every sheet of paper you use thousands of trees are being cut down. Save and recycle and only use what you need.

In addition to recycling, support waste control and try to reuse what you can. Avoid buying new especially if you don’t need it. Try to repair an item and make it last a little longer. Reduce, reuse, and recycle, and the main principles of living a greener existence. You will also help save on business costs.

Save energy where you can. Turn off electrical equipment when not in use. Lights and computers may be on and not needed. Fridges need to be full if there isn’t a lot of foods in them turn them off, these appliances use a lot of energy. If you make a lot of tea and coffee just boil the water you need in a kettle and not anymore.

Be conscious of how much water you use. Water is needed to live but there are easy ways of conserving it. Check on a regular basis sinks, toilets and appliances for any possible leaks. Check for dripping taps. Don’t leave taps running unnecessary just use what you need, you will discover your water consumption will be reduced and save you money.


Clean and maintain business equipment and machines on a regular basis. This will ensure they work efficiently and effective. Make it a routine task every week to dust and clean and check for problems and leaks.

When buying new electrical equipment try to purchase the most eco friendly that uses the least amount of energy. Nowadays there are a lot of products on the market designed with this factor in mine. It will also benefit you as you will not only reduce the energy used but lower fuel bills.

Travelling to work by car uses a lot harmful carbon emission, especially if held up in traffic jams. There are some cleaner ways to get to work such as public transport or healthier alternatives such as walking and cycling. If you live too far then try to share the drive with your work mates, a car that is full will be more effective.

Switch off air conditioning and open the windows, nothing is better than fresh air. These electrical appliances use high amounts of electricity and produce high amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. If you have to use it make sure you set it to an economical setting. To reduce sunlight fit blinds and these will decrease the sunshine.

Change your lighting and replace normal high energy bulbs with low energy versions; they last longer and are considerable cheaper to run. To help make sure you office is set out and all of the desks are in well-lit areas by windows, so that you don’t always need to have the lights on in the daytime.

Bio: Ella is blogger and copywriter who has great passion for home and office improvement projects. She is constantly searching for new technologies and methods for life and work optimization. What excites her most recently is the green idea and she is trying to raise the awareness towards it via her writing. Find more useful info at: rubbish clearance Balham

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