When it comes to waste, the farming industry is no stranger to production that results in materials that have to be disposed of in some way. The good news for this industry is that much of the waste created in producing various crops can be effectively recycled or can serve a secondary purpose when handled correctly. Sunrise Fresh Produce, a GBB member and part of the PRO*ACT family, is working on just that, by launching various efforts to keep organic waste out of landfills.

Sunrise Fresh Produce is a fresh food and produce distributor with 3 regional warehouses that services all of Mississippi, eastern Louisiana, Southern Alabama, the panhandle and northeast Florida, and the South Carolina coast. The company is committed to food safety, customer service and sourcing local produce whenever possible, which is why each Sunrise location is GFS certified. All Sunrise staff is also trained in safe handling, storing and shipping practices, and procedures so that the produce they deliver is not only fresh, but safe, too.

Sunrise Fresh Produce, located in Jackson, Mississippi, is currently focusing on recycling organic materials to local farms, supporting local farms and farmers, and being part of the PRO*ACT’s Greener Fields Together initiative. The company is also partnering with Organix to separate organic waste, which is distributed to local farms for fertilizer and feed. This has also allowed Sunrise Fresh Produce to decrease the amount of waste sent to the landfill.

“Sunrise is really proud of our efforts to keep tons of organic waste out of local landfills, while providing a valuable resource to local farmers,” said Chris Fuss, Regional Manager, Sunrise Fresh Produce. “We have reduced the number of trash pick-ups, which saves us money and is a positive contribution to our community.”

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