Commercial cleaning is a necessary step in ensuring buildings and businesses are clean and ready for each new work day. But, have you ever stopped to think about the products that are being used to clean these buildings? Many cleaning products can be full of chemicals that get the cleaning job done, but are bad for employee health and the environment. Stratus Building Solutions, headquartered in Los Angeles, is changing that by making green cleaning an affordable reality.

Started in 2006, Stratus Building Solutions is an international franchise company with more than 1,700-unit franchisees in 40 major cities across the United States. Stratus Building Solutions is different from other commercial cleaning companies because each of their master and unit franchisees are dedicated to bringing green cleaning to the masses. In fact, the business is the first ever company in the building services and maintenance franchise industry to offer a Green Seal Certified line of cleaning chemicals! These products are non-toxic, biodegradable, contain no VOCs or known carcinogens, and are fragrance free. They are also certified to be as effective as other competing cleaning products, which means Stratus Business Solutions can ensure a clean work space with less exposure to harmful chemicals.

The Stratus Building Solutions cleaning program helps to tackle indoor air quality issues in closed environments, which can be especially problematic when cleaning products containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are used. This can vastly improve air quality for spaces where health is a concern, like daycare centers or health facilities. The company also integrates green practices into other aspects of the business, for example, cleaning staff use 100% post-consumer recycled janitorial utility cans and mop buckets, recycle paper products for kitchens and restrooms, and even use paperless proposals and invoice systems.

One of the best features of the Stratus Building Solutions cleaning plan is that the Green Clean program is offered at no additional cost with all of the company’s janitorial contracts. Beginning in 2009, the company decided to extend green cleaning to all customers, creating a new standard in commercial cleaning that continues today. To help ensure the high quality of their cleaning services, all employees also complete a two-week training program to train and certify them in Stratus Building Solutions green cleaning procedures, including: handling chemicals for minimal impact; reducing, minimizing or eliminating chemicals and solid waste; understanding the proper treatment of waste and recycling; training in disinfecting practices; and becoming well versed in the standards of care for different types of commercial facilities.

“Our business is dedicated to professionalism, quality and reliability,” said Afshin Cangarlu, Stratus Building Solutions CEO. “With more than 30 years of experience in commercial cleaning, businesses and can feel confident that Stratus Building Solutions will not only meet, but exceed customer expectations all while creating safe, clean spaces.”

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