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Smart Green Tip: Save Electricity And Enjoy Lower Utility Bills

Energy efficiency is one of the most powerful ways of greening your business. With increasing utility costs and climate change, you can enjoy savings by reducing overall energy use and reduce your company’s impact on the environment. Here are 6 Smart Tips from the Green Business Bureau to help you save electricity and enjoy lower utility bills:

  1. Contact your local utility company and ask for a green commercial assessment to pinpoint specific awww.gbb.org.pngreas of energy waste.
  2. Install light switch occupancy sensors and/or automatic dimming switches in proper locations to ensure you are notwasting energy when no one is present.
  3. Use a smarter power strip or surge protectors to reduce phantom charges (also called “vampire power”).
  4. Make sure all EXIT signs use LED or high-efficiency alternatives.
  5. Install an ENERGY STAR programmable thermostat to automate your HVAC system.
  6. Consider weather stripping around windows and doors to eliminate loss of cooled air and reduce outdoor air from entering your office building.

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