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Smart Green Tip: Be Smart About Computer Use

Every day we use our computers to research, email, tweet, post and blog. Being smart about computer use is important to saving energy and reducing utility bills, especially since computers are often in use all hours of the day.

Be Smart About Computer Use

Following are 4 simple tips from the Green Business Bureau to help you be smart about computer use in your office:

1) Use a laptop instead of a desktop computer. Most laptops use much less energy than desktop computers.
2) Turn off your computer when not in use. This is easy to understand but harder to follow because people are used to leaving computers on. Power management settings (see next tip) can help break bad habits.
3) Use power management settings on your computers and monitors. Setting computers to automatically go to sleep during short breaks can save significant energy.
4) Connect your computers and other devices to a smart power strip. A smart power strip works like a normal power strip with an additional advantage: when the computer is turned off, power is shut down to other devices as well.

Learn other ways to save energy when using electronics from the experts at Ask Green Irene.

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