Hosting an Eco friendly meeting has become a priority in the meetings management world. Setting the proper foundation is critical, the best way to accomplish this is to spend significant time evaluating and selecting a destination that supports your overall goal of sustainability.

So how does one begin the evaluation for a proper location? A few factors that influence the destination choice – are the type of meeting and the company culture.

There are locations that have the advantage due to cultural norms and country standards. Incentive trips tend to lean more toward luxury accommodations, most going to international resort locations. While business meetings, sales kickoffs and corporate meetings tend to remain on the domestic front.

Elements that need to be considered should include things such as: flight lift into and out of the destination, the number plane rides and other forms of transportation required, as well as, the activities during the meeting.

The majority of hotels now offer some level of ecofriendly flexibility to their guests. From serving filtered water instead of bottle water to creating meal options from local organic farm fresh ingredients, guests are provided with choices that fit the bill for them. Those locations that aren’t there yet are quickly ramping up. Many hotel chains support sustainable initiatives, including the UN’s development goals.

Organizations like The U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® Green Building Rating SystemTM can assist in identifying and selecting third party certified facilities.  Other valuable resources may offer assistance with green event management, such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the Green Meeting Council.

With the right guidance and planning, achieving the goal of sustainability is very possible.

Guest Post By
Stephen Thomas-Schulere
Senior Vice President, Strategic Solutions
Balboa Travel, Inc.

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