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RSC Bio Solutions and Radiator Speciality Company Enter Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Sorbent Green, LLC

About GreenSorb®  GreenSorb is an eco-friendly, multi-purpose absorbent that is more effective on more types of spills and up to seven times more efficient than competing absorbent products. GreenSorb creates a cleaner and safer work environment in all industries at lower cost per use and has the potential for re-use and conversion from hazardous to non-hazardous waste. GreenSorb is made in the USA by Sorbent Green LLC. For more information on GreenSorb products, visit www.GreenSorb.com or follow us on www.facebook.com/GreenSorb. 

Charlotte, NC, March 6, 2013– Radiator Specialty Company (RSC) today announced that it has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Sorbent Green, LLC, makers of GreenSorb®, an environmentally friendly absorbent that makes the management and disposal of fluid spills safe and easy. The agreement will directly benefit RSC and its sister company, RSC Bio Solutions, by bolstering their reputation as leading providers of innovative biobased solutions for industrial and automotive customers who are focused on performance without tradeoffs – ensuring the safety of their employees and the environment.

RSC Bio Solutions manufactures and distributes high-performance cleaning, degreasing and lubricating products that are safe, non-hazardous and environmentally responsible. GreenSorb products are effective for cleaning up any number of industrial fluids, including hydraulic oils and greases, and bring significant health benefits to professionals who commonly use dusty, potentially carcinogenic products to mitigate and manage chemical spills. The unique absorbency and encapsulating properties of GreenSorb’s products help to reduce costs by lowering the amount of absorbent material required for disposal after spill cleanups, while also potentially eliminating the need for the product to be disposed of as a hazardous material.

“RSC’s agreement to become the sole industrial and automotive distributor of GreenSorb is a natural complement to our innovative, biobased product lines,” said Mike Guggenheimer, Vice President of Business Development for RSC Bio Solutions. “We recognized GreenSorb as a unique solution for fleet managers, marine vessel operators and automotive professionals and we’re excited to bring further value to our customers by adding these environmentally safe and effective absorbents to our full offering of  high-performance biobased cleaners, degreasers and hydraulic fluids.”

GreenSorb has demonstrated superb performance, as well as compliance with Environmental Protection Agency requirements with a number of 3rd party laboratories, and has been shown to convert a number of materials from hazardous to solid waste. The product is USDA BioPreferred  listed  and has been proven to improve workplace safety through 20 times dust reduction when compared to typical crushed clay absorbents.

“Sorbent Green is committed to providing pioneering solutions to help address the growing environmental concerns of our customers,” said Tom Uskup, President of Sorbent Green. “Our partnership with RSC Bio Solutions gives us the ability to expand into new markets, and maintain our steadfast pledge to help provide our customers with ecologically responsible and efficient tools to manage their spills and hazardous waste.”


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