March 8, 2017

Dallas, Texas – By committing to going green, Revenue Technology Services (RTS) is paving the way for future growth that will make the software solutions company more competitive. Their commitments will help minimize the negative impact on the environment, which in turn will also support their clients’ environmental objectives. RTS clients value companies that are environmentally friendly, and RTS has always shared their sustainability initiatives through periodic newsletters. Reinforcing their values of environmental responsibility, RTS has joined Green Business Bureau, which is a national membership organization that uses an online assessment to certify green businesses. RTS feels that getting a formal accreditation from the GBB will make their commitment real and more transparent.

Among Revenue Technology Services’ key environmental initiatives is offering employees the opportunity to work in a Virtual Office. According to company policy, employees can work from home for up to two days a week and use travel alternatives like e-mailing/web/video conferencing in order to cut down on fuel emissions and energy consumption in the office.

In addition to a Virtual Office, RTS:

  • Mandates a policy of using recyclable paper products, elimination of plastic and Styrofoam cups, use of mugs, silverware, environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals, offer a food composting program at the office
  • Institutes an energy conservation policy, which includes purchasing ENERGY STAR-qualified electronic equipment, placing computers in hibernating mode, etc.
  • Mandates a ‘no print unless absolutely necessary’ policy to minimize impact to the environment
  • Corporate and employee contributions to non-profit environmental causes in the community
  • Adopted the tagline ‘Let’s go green to keep the globe clean’ as a part of the marketing material to create awareness in the travel industry

Environmental responsibility is not only the right way to operate in business but also a smarter way to make more profits. By instituting the Virtual Office policy, employees are saving on fuel and toll charges while the company is saving on energy consumption in the office. By eliminating use of plastic and Styrofoam cups and by using silverware and Corning ware, the company is saving on the need to continuously purchase non-recyclable products. Through the conscious deployment of the above policies, RTS has now achieved Platinum membership status at the Green Business Bureau.

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About Revenue Technology Services: Revenue Technology Services (RTS) is a worldwide provider of profit enhancing revenue management and pricing software solutions for the passenger and cargo transportation industries. Our offerings, aimed at the Airline and Cruise Ferry industries include software solutions, consulting and education services, operations research capabilities, technology services and IT development support.

With an executive team averaging 20 years industry experience, RTS’s aim is to provide the transportation industry with the solutions and services to achieve improved profitability through effective schedule planning, pricing, and revenue management.

RTS is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with offices in UK and South Africa and a development center in Mohali, India. RTS remains committed to researching and developing new technologies and services to help our clients achieve more profitability through more effective revenue management and pricing. To date, we have served clients in over 20 countries with solutions carefully matched to the needs of their industry.



Pradeep Bandla
Vice President – Passenger Solutions (also Captain of Green Initiative Team at RTS)
6500 International Parkway, Suite 1700
Plano, TX 75093
(972) 814-7933

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