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Platinum Certified Green Business, PlayNetwork Scores with Stellar Sustainability Efforts

In 1996, a few industry visionaries got together in Redmond, Washington and laid down the future of PlayNetwork. We set out every day to create sound and visual media experiences so original and authentic, both consumer affinity and our brands’ prosperity reach new heights. 15 years later, mission accomplished.

The PlayNetwork philosophy has always been that being generic is not an option for businesses. Companies who are true-to-brand and stand out, win. Our faith in this notion inspires us to deliver the truest level of customization in the industry by maintaining a creative edge. The world’s top companies rely on us to create a vibe unlike any other.
We venture deep into the soul of a brand and bring it to the world in a remarkable way. This opportunity to stir emotion and affect brands on this core level is PlayNetwork’s passion. All our work is born from this fire.
The magic we create connects customers for 75,000 media subscribers in over 70 countries, more than 23 million times a day. That is the sound of brands flourishing. It’s our holy grail.

PlayGreen Co-Chair, Sara says, “We are very big on recycling, and we even have a program dedicated to recycling our old and broken electronics, CDs, CFL light bulbs and batteries. We also have a pre-tax benefit set up for employees who choose to ride the bus, light rail or train to work, and we’re in the process of setting up a loaner bicycle program for employees so that they can utilize alternative transportation to get to work and have the option of using bikes to run errands and get lunch. And that’s not even the best part! Our loaner bicycle program will be put into place with funds from grant money that we had applied for.”

A photo of an award PlayNetwork won from the City of Redmond for their efforts in getting more employees to travel green. 

PlayNetwork found that their biggest challenge was finding a group of dedicated employees that were motivated to carry out their PlayGreen initiatives, but once they found their core group, the wheels were set in motion and they haven’t lost momentum yet.

Kym with the company truck that picks up PlayNetwork’s electronics recycling.


Some of PlayNetwork’s favorite Green Business Bureau initiatives involve paper reduction. They can see the difference within the company and have the numbers to prove they’re saving a lot of money and making a difference.  They love the GBB initiative about planting a vegetable garden, but since they cannot have roof access or create a vegetable garden outside, they provide locally grown organic produce for employees to snack on.

A shot of the delivery from Spud, who deliver locally grown organic goods for PlayNetwork employees to enjoy.

PlayNetwork has seen some powerful results and has saved thousands of dollars while making a positive impact on the environment, and their clients that take the time to look into our company core values and see what they’re doing to be more eco-friendly love everything they have completed all of these initiatives.  PlayGreen Co-Chair, Zoe explains, “Just in paper alone, PlayNetwork is saving over $4,000.00 a year by setting printers to double-sided printing, reusing single-sided paper for internal forms and fax receipts as well as reusing single-sided paper to make internally used note pads for meetings. We are also saving a lot on water usage with our sink aerators as well as energy with CFL bulbs for desk lamps and motion-detecting lights. Plus, it makes us all feel great that we’re doing the right thing.”

Zoe putting together single-sided paper to make notepads for employees.


Sara and Leanne with PlayGreen swag bags made of post-consumer recycled material.

“We find the GBB to be user-friendly, organized with a friendly staff and comprehensive list of initiatives, so our experience with the GBB so far has been wonderful.  They are more professional and better organized than other organizations we researched. Plus, the online link to our green initiatives and accomplishments is a bonus that only GBB offers.”


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