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Pay No Attention to Green Snobbery: Even Small Steps Make a Big Impact

By September 23, 2011Blog, Member News

In today’s world of more, more, more, we all tend to fall into a trap of thinking that bigger is not only better, but that it is the only way to do things. What we mean is that too many people think that various positive initiatives, such as going green, are all or nothing propositions – that you have to change your entire building to solar power, recycle 100% of your materials and make every aspect of everything you do be perfectly green for your efforts to be of any value at all. This is a fallacy that places our entire global green effort in sever jeopardy. With such lofty, all or nothing, impossible to reach goals people, and businesses, become discouraged and in the end decide to do nothing rather than simply trying to do something and making small steps towards green achievement. We are here to tell you that every small step towards green matters.

Every Journey Begins with a Single Step
As the ancient saying goes, a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. This can be said of losing weight, getting in shape, fixing up your personal finances, building a company or brand name… the list is endless, and the same is true of going green. The road to an eco-friendly world begins with throwing a single plastic bottle into the recycle bin instead of the rubbish bin.

If you or your company is considering going green, you are thinking in the right direction. Eco-friendly initiatives are good for the environment, good for customer relationships, and usually good for your bottom line, at least in the long term. By planning out your green growth you can develop a steady plan that suits your goals and budget, while putting you on the green path.

Those Steps all Add Up
Starting small can be the best way to begin a venture into sustainable business. There are a variety of green actions you can take that cost little or no money, but can start helping the Earth and your business immediately. The first step to going green is to develop your mission, looking at why you want to go green and what you hope to accomplish. This doesn’t need to be written by a professional writer or etched in gold, just draft a simple statement that tells your intention and overarching goals. This will help guide your green activities.

Next, start your plan. Again, you can start with simple things such as recycling or replacing worn out equipment with energy efficient equipment, as it breaks down. Decide on a budget and time frame for your various activities and you will be on your way to green in no time. Remember to build up slowly; if money is a limiting factor, then for now just work on recycling and changing your light bulbs; nothing fancy. As this becomes easier and profits build, then you can add more advanced eco-initiatives to your plan.

The Sky is the Limit
So every small step you take towards green helps our world to improve. When you change a burnt out light bulb, simply replace it with a longer lasting CFL or LED bulb. Set your thermostat two degrees cooler in the winter, and two degrees warmer in the summer; those two little degrees are a small step but make a huge different in the amount of electricity used. Once you are feeling comfortable with these small steps for your home or business, feel free to move up the eco-friendly ladder and make even bigger changes.

Big green moves can eventually include installing solar heating for a swimming pool or for an entire manufacturing facility, as Wal-Mart and Target corporations have begun to do. Small green steps can include riding your bike to a local restaurant for a night out, rather than driving across town to a certain special eatery. Taking small steps in the daily life of your household or corporation can eventually build into larger steps. A LED today may become a solar array tomorrow. Lowering the thermostat today can turn into installing an energy efficient HVAC system tomorrow.

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