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Passion for Brazil and Love for the Jersey Shore

Contributed by Christine Feldmann “Founder of Rio Designs”.

Rio Designs is a for profit small business, socially responsible ECO brand that is committed to empowering artisans through creative design and sustainable economic opportunities. Founded in 2012 via collaboration partnerships by mutual friendship, Debbie Abazia, “Professional Model” and Christine Feldmann, “Founder” of Rio Designs was created as a platform to utilize the combined passions of ethical design and fashion. Percentage of the profits goes towards non – profit organizations, primarily to alleviate the burden of the up and coming communities and communities in need by working alongside the artisans including reputable organizations to better the current conditions nationally in New Jersey, USA  and internationally in Rio de Janeiro – São Paulo and Amazon, Brazil.

October, 2012 – Sea Bright, New Jersey just south of Sandy Hook surrounded by water of the Atlantic Ocean, the Shrewsbury and the Navesink Rivers (East Coast Shoreline) suffered the devastating results of Hurricane Sandy. The small community and surrounding communities where left with facing financial challenges, struggling with food insecurity, housing and unable to meet basic needs. Progress shows to be in a steady recovery process by working with organizations to aid and help the communities to get back on their feet.

Debbie Abazia

Post Hurricane Sandy summer project took place on August, 2013 – Sea Bright Public Beach. Restoring the shore has undertaken a large cleanup project. Helping friends, family and business associates getting their lives back has shown to be a community and national effort. Sea Bright has re-opened for the Jersey Shore Beach goers with its beautiful views and warm evenings. The semi – restored public beach attracted locals and visitors since the devastation of the storm. Sea Bright also known as a popular fishing village was also filled with fisherman enjoying the season and catch for the day. Since it is surrounded by water a spectacular sunrises and sunsets can be savored here.

With a passion and understanding to help cultures nationally and internationally, Debbie & Christine collaborated together to also create awareness for the Brazilian communities in South America that lack proper: education for children, care of infants and children, improve health with medical supplies, housing, food, water, clothing and the sense of dignity among the elderly, improve the quality of care for people with disabilities and support those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Debbie Abazia

June, 2013 – Brazil’s entire country has been awaken by protests initially sparked by a hike in bus fares in São Paulo quickly spiraled into nationwide marches against corruption. Demonstrations have since grown to include broader demands and condemnation of the quality of government services like education and healthcare as well as of corruption in general. Common dissatisfactions among the protesters are government corruption and citizens are calling on authorities to investigate alleged irregularities in the organization of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Despite the demonstrations, South America has a distinct pulse and you’ll feel it the moment you have connected to the culture – history of Brazil. Whether you find yourself exploring and researching prehistoric-looking Amazonian plant life prepare to fall in love with all this country and what its people have to offer. Brazil is a beautiful country immersed in new traditions, cultures, sights, and sounds. Due to a significant difference in financial gaps in society communities in need are experiencing shortage of jobs, many communities are forced to leave their homes and families to search for work elsewhere, oftentimes leaving young children and elder relatives behind.

Debbie Abazia

Debbie Abazia “Professional Model” and Christine Feldmann “Founder of Rio Designs” work alongside by volunteering their services with Clean Ocean Action and Sea Bright Rising Organizations to restore the shore and help communities in need.


You can help and make a change.

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