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Office Gemini Going Green Efforts

Office Gemini is a software manufacturer focused in the document management and document scanning industry. From great software products and implementation assistance to strategic document management and scanning consulting services, they are able to provide a wide range of services to end users and VARs equally.

As GBB Gold Member, Office Gemini was asked about their decision to go green? “Office Gemini strives to be a paper (less company) hence the development of our 2 products Dokmee a Document Management software and Diamond Vision production level scanning software . We realized that we need to practice what we preach and that’s how we decided to join the “Going Green” movement”.

When asked, What benefits has your GBB membership brought to your business in terms of operations, sales, branding, etc.? Office Gemini shared, “The biggest benefit I can say was bringing awareness and knowledge to our team about Going green initiatives that each of us were not aware of in our daily lives… It has helped us write more effective blogs about going green with Document Management Software and to teach others the effective ways of going paperless and going green ! We joined the movement”

When asked about cost savings, they shared, “Have eliminated the use of plastic cups, plates, utensils… every employee has brought in their own cups, utensils and plates for reusable use. Each department has brought  in plants to help oxygen levels in our office… we are currently using recycle bins for any paper that might be used. Laptops and all computer and lights not in use are being shut up to help with energy saving costs”

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