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Learn how "going green" has saved this GBB member $60,000 a year

At the Green Business Bureau, our team loves hearing stories of how our members are going green and SAVING MONEY. In a latest example of how this is possible, Newmarket International shares how the process of green business certification saves them $60,000 a year! Also be sure to check out their pictures below!

Some examples of the cost savings they have been able to attain:

  • Save 13,000 sheets of paper and $1,508 per year with paperless travel itineraries. In 2008, Newmarket requested Carlson Travel to no longer send travel itineraries to Newmarket employees via Fedex, and to only send electronic itineraries as needed.


  • Save $5,000 annually and 17,000 foam cups, 1,600 plastic forks, 8,000 knives, 16,000 spoons, 12,500 plates. In June 2007, Newmarket International eliminated all Styrofoam cups, coated plates and plastic utensils from the building. Prior to 2007 on an annual basis Newmarket was purchasing.  When the use of Styrofoam cups was eliminated, all employees were given a ceramic mug, a plastic water bottle, and two cloth shopping bags. Today, employees are accustomed to bringing their mugs and water bottles with them to the lunch room when getting coffee or water. There is a supply of kitchenware for guests and everyone washes their own after use. All new employees receive the Newmarket green coffee mugs and water bottles as well.

  • Save $5,000 annually in electricity energy savings by moving offices to a more efficient space. As a result of moving into a LEED certified and more energy efficient building, they have increased our total square footage in the new building while decreasing per square footage cost for electricity from $2.43/sq. ft to $2.33/sq ft, which translates to the equivalent of $5,000 of electricity energy savings, also at a time when energy costs have increased.


  • Savings of $42,000 a year and 5,000 CDs, 1,350 bubble mailing packages, and 4,000 CD sleeves with electronic shipping of software instead of courier service. In April 2009 Newmarket instituted a process to ship  software via electronic means rather than courier shipments. Prior to electronic shipping, CDs were pressed and then shipped via UPS to their customers around the globe. Now more than 90% of  software shipments are done electronically reducing the need to press CDs and then ship via transportation. This saves Newmarket approximately $42,000 per year. In addition they save $3,500 in expense from not purchasing the following packing materials annually: approximately 5,000 CDs, 1,350 bubble mailing packages, and 4,000 CD sleeves. Shipping charges for customer shipments of sales software has steadily decreased due to electronic shipments.

Some example pictures of a certified green business, Newmarket International:

Natural daylighting for the office:








Motion sensors for hallways and conference rooms:

Bathrooms to encourage bicycling and jogging to the office:








Hand dryers are used in lieu of paper towels to reduce the production and waste of paper towels. The hand dryers do not use any heat. Instead, they use the power of blown air to dry hands in 10-15 seconds:

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