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Need a Job? Consider an Exciting and Challenging Career in the Field of Green

In today’s challenging economic times many people are left to re-evaluate their current jobs and future career, considering if the path they are on is the right one. If you are wondering whether your current career leads down a road of financial security and personal gratification then you are in good company. Or, you could be like the millions of Americans right now who are out of work altogether and are contemplating moving into an entirely new field. That new career could require education, training or simply research. This is a good place to start because we are here to tell you that one of the greatest new areas of employment is in the field of green.

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Sustainable business practices and green technologies are only just emerging and making their way into mainstream American life. These new practices and technologies are paving the way for new careers and entirely new fields in areas that are likely to be here to stay. From eco-friendly power generation to Earth friendly house cleaning, green jobs are the new frontier of the American dream. Following is a list of eco-friendly jobs that are either hot now or up and coming for the future:

Biofuel Production Managers Anticipated to be among the fastest growing green fields of employment are jobs in biofuel production. Biofuel refers to making fuel with biomass – biological material such as corn husks – instead of traditional petroleum and other fossil fuels. Biofuel engineers are already being called upon to develop procedures and processes for turning unused biomass into biofuel that we can burn in vehicles and power plants. Soon, biofuel production managers will be needed to oversee the mass production of these fuels. While biofuel engineers usually have a degree in engineering or chemistry, biofuel production managers of tomorrow will probably need only experience supervising in a production setting and knowledge of biofuel systems and development.

Civil Engineers While the job of civil engineer has been around for decades, these jobs are likely to pick up in the coming years. Generally requiring at least a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, tomorrow’s civil engineers will be called upon to develop new urban and suburban areas, creating more walkable neighborhoods where the basic necessities of life, as well as desirable amenities, are all within walking distance of ample housing. This is part of the effort to go green by making our neighborhoods more sustainable, creating self-contained areas where people can live, work, shop and play all within a short walk of their home. Civil engineers will also work with automotive engineers to develop new systems of mass transport, making it easier for people to get around town without driving their individual gas guzzling cars everywhere.


Energy Broker One of the newest fields to sprout up in green careers is the energy broker. This is a person who works to put consumers who need energy in touch with companies who create energy. Energy brokers help the consumer (typically a business or organization) to get their energy at the best rate, taking a commission on each sale. Traditionally, the energy that is brokered has been electricity created by natural gas or fossil fuels. However, today energy brokers are going green by helping to sell clean fuels created by wind power, solar power and geothermal energy. The energy broker is like a salesperson of the new millennium!

Solar Panel Roofing Installer Solar power technology has been around for a long time, but traditionally the materials have been bulky and expensive, causing it to make a slow entry into the common marketplace. However, new photoelectric technology is making solar power cheaper, more efficient and more economically sound every day. Thus, the demand for solar panel roofing installers is on the rise. A solar panel roofing installer needs have a formal education. However, they do need to have excellent understanding of solar power systems and electricity, as well as extensive experience in traditional roofing.

Wind Turbine Maintenance and Manager Another green technology that is making its ways into the mainstream is wind technology. Turbines are becoming smaller and quieter, yet more efficient at the same time. Wind farms are sprouting up across the country, but so too are individual buildings using one or two turbines to augment their power grid. Experienced repair technicians are needed to manage and maintain these systems.


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