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Mixed Go Green-Choice Food, Great Service, Sustainability

Mixed is a fast casual restaurant that specializes in made-to-order Salads. Also serving Wrap, Soups, and Paninis too.

It all started from a conversation between a father and his son back in 2008, both who have a passion for bringing fun and unique ideas “to the table”.  It was from this conversation that this idea of creating and starting a restaurant that specializes in made to order salads first came about.   It was only a casual conversation that they both often had on business ideas and as it was further discussed that day the beginning of Mixed brand started to form; even though they both didn’t know it at that time.

After thinking and pondering on this concept for a few weeks the idea stuck and wouldn’t leave the mind of Mixedowner, creator, and Sioux Falls native Cole Shawd.  Cole knew that this was something he was interested in and would love to open so he could offer these fast and fresh healthy salad options that are hard to find in most markets.  Cole knew his area and city fairly well and thought what better of a place to start this concept then Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  He knew he wanted salads to be the restaurants specialty, but offering other items like wraps, soups, and paninis would provide other great tasting varieties to the customers of Mixed.

The Green Business Bureau asked Cole to tell us 2-3 actual examples of things the team at Mixed are doing to be green?
“All of our cups/lids/straws/plates/silverware and compostable. All of our lighting and refrigeration equipment is energy efficient.”

Cole, what have been some of the biggest challenges to going green?  “One is finding items that are ‘green’ to have in the restaurant. There are still some items and technologies that aren’t available yet in the ‘green’ world. Another is pricing. Even though most items have came down in pricing for ‘green’ products and items it’s still a challenge to balance these expenses.

Please tell us more about the positive results have you seen around the restaurant by going green and about some of your favorite initiatives.  “I like the following GBB initiatives because it’s been fun to train the staff on these easy things that you don’t really think of until your more careful of your wasting:

· Reuse paper waste and have a scratch paper bin which people can use the back of unused printouts for drafts, scratch paper or internal memos, etc.
· Donate a portion of your profits to an environmental cause.
· Offer durable, reusable bags at checkout.”

Cole, have you noticed a cost savings since you’ve joined the GBB and used the certification portal?  How?  “I’ve seen cost savings, positive feedback from customers, customer loyalty due to us being green, better/cleaner atmosphere in the restaurant, extra fun part of the business to have fun with and for our customers to enjoy.”

Finally, please tell us about your experience with the GBB.  “It’s been a good one. I’ve learned a lot from the GBB on how to help my business be more green and to maintain our green restaurant. I continue to improve our green operation and the GBB is a nice guidance piece to help along the way and a useful resource.”


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