Making positive moves toward being more green doesn’t always mean an overhaul of the company. In fact, small changes can add up to big successes when it comes to focusing more on sustainability. One company that is a believer in the ability to make a difference in this way is M2 Media Group, a digital marketing agency headquartered in Stamford, CT.

Founded in 2004, M2 Media Group strives to improve the way businesses have traditionally operated, through the use of great technology. The company is made up of three divisions – Magazine Circulation, Lead Generation and Product Sales Fundraising – and has a diverse partner network that includes some of the largest and most respected brands in the U.S. M2 Media Group has also been annually recognized as one of the fastest growing companies by organizations such as Inc. Magazine, Deloitte, and the Connecticut Technology Council. The company’s mission has allowed the business to offer value to customers by increasing sales, lowering customer acquisition costs and providing easier ways to get things done.

M2 Media Group joined Green Business Bureau to meet the company’s goal of caring for and preserving the planet, while educating employees in the process. To accomplish this, the company has set a goal of continuing to reduce waste and overall carbon footprint, as well as improving product reuse and recycling. Currently, M2 Media Group is focused on replacing wasteful and harmful products with recycled and non-toxic, plant-based items. For example, the business has replaced disposable batteries with rechargeable batteries, replaced plastic drinking cups with mugs that are washed in the office’s dishwasher, and replaced all K-cups with compostable pods.

While still in the beginning stages of making these changes, M2 Media Group has already seen significant impacts on employee morale and cost savings. Here are some examples of money saved on replacing these three office staples:

  • Batteries: $104.59/mo = 1,255.08 (replaced with rechargeable)
  • Ink Cartridges: $54.99 x 3/mo = 1,979.64 (get cartridges refilled)
  • Paper Coffee Cups: $159.00/bi-monthly = 954 (ceramic mugs are cleaned in the dishwasher)

“Everyone is pitching in to make suggestions that will lighten our footprint,” said Stefanie Suppa,  M2 Media Group Marketing Manager. “This has allowed us to tackle our green goals from a team standpoint, making it an effort that we can all participate in!”

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