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Let the GBB Green City Program Help Your Business Along the Sustainable Path for Cities

By September 2, 2011Blog, Member News

One of the earmarks of modern times is, in fact, something of a trend for going back to our roots. Specifically, many people are looking to re-engage with their neighborhoods, seeking to live in clean, safe, walkable, sustainable communities. This opens up a tremendous opportunity for cities to go green, finding ways to make their communities healthy, friendly and usable for those who live and work within their borders.

Starting on a path of sustainability for a city is not that challenging, really. You simply need community support, active government officials, interested businesses and a partnership with green professionals such as the Green Business Bureau (GBB). With the GBBs Green City Program, we can help you make your city healthy, safe and environmentally minded. One of the best ways for a city to go green is to encourage green in their businesses. As one business goes green and then another, the color of the entire city starts to change.

The Basic Steps to Green
Being green begins with some simple steps to reduce waste, which results in a cost savings to the business. But the easiest, most important first step is simply to make a commitment to green by contacting the Green Business Bureau Green City Program. Together, we will help you develop a green plan that fits your unique building, business and city needs. The GBB can help you get credit for green initiatives you have already begun and develop a firm plan for future initiatives, starting as small or as large as your goals require.

The Green City Program can also support you with marketing tools that help you with green public relations, so you can get the word out about your green initiatives. This can help build a positive brand name and solicit new green concerned customers. Our programs can provide you with third party green certification that proves that you are not just talking green, but you are actually taking real world steps to becoming green and have been approved by a third party audit. Once these steps are complete, you will receive your GBB stamp of approval and the permission to use our GBB symbol on your print materials, products or website so you can shout to the world that you have become part of the solution to the necessary blending of business with a healthy environment.

Getting Involved
The GBB developed their Green City Program to help small and medium sized businesses initiate eco-friendly change. The Green City Program has a staff and standardized solutions that can be implemented by any company in the city to decrease waste, reuse and recycle, decreases costs and improve their environmental footprint. Our sustainable business professionals at GreenCityProgram.com can help your company start to enact some of our hundreds of fast, easy green initiatives using the latest research and technology. When working in partnership with the Green City Program your business can become one of many in your city working together to make your city air more breathable, the streets cleaner and the carbon footprint of the entire city less intrusive on the environment.

Get Noticed
Once you are certified green, or even have a firm plan with specific green initiatives, you will be surprised how word spreads. Green initiatives can revitalize a community, making people feel like positive change is coming and that they want to be part of that change. Change the way a city operates and you make an integral improvement in the way the community views the city and themselves.
As these sustainable activities snowball through the community you will see commercial and residential buildings, and the occupants, initiating their own green activities, and utilizing those eco-friendly processes that the government or groups of businesses have put into place. Often, these eco-friendly changes can spark not just further action but also reaction in that you can receive attention from around the country. As your city’s name starts to pop up on green city lists around the Internet you could see much more interest and draw in interested people as residents and visitors, increasing the customer base of all businesses in the city.

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