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Keep Your Kids Safe With Green Cleaning

This blog is contributed by Clean Streak Inc. for GBB’s Guest Blog Week.

When you need something really clean, you probably resort to harsh chemicals. It makes sense, after all. To fight tough dirt, you need a tough cleanser. The problem is that harsh cleansers are tough on the whole environment, and if children share that environment, they risk exposure to those chemicals.

 What Harsh Chemicals Do The ingredients in harsh cleaning products can pose health hazards. Contact can burn your skin, while exposure to the fumes can irritate your eyes and respiratory system. If harsh chemicals permeate your home or work place, you become at risk for certain diseases. Another long-term health issue comes from the chemicals diethanolamine (DEA) and triethanolamine (TEA. These are sudsing agents found in some all-purpose cleansers that can cause cancer or disrupt your hormones.

After these harsh chemicals have infected your work or home, they often are flushed down the drain. “Out of sight, out of mind” does not apply here, as a 2002 study showed that 66 percent of tested streams had traces of disinfectant. These chemicals make their way into our groundwater and up the food chain.

 Green Cleaning Protects Your Children So if you share space with children, protect them and yourself by using environmentally friendly cleaning products. You wouldn’t want your toddler crawling across a floor that’s just been cleaned with bleach. You’d stop your baby from gnawing on a wooden tabletop that’s just been coated with a shining agent. Treat your home and office the same way: get it clean, but keep it safe.

Using homemade or green cleansers can clean up thoroughly while leaving your space healthier. The surfaces, as well as the air, contain fewer chemicals that can affect your health. Green cleaning products are safer to use and break down completely once they enter the outside environment. Finally, green products contain none of the chemicals known to cause cancer or disrupt human body functions.

Now isn’t that an environment you want to bring your kids into?

We Use Green Cleaning Products

Clean Streak, Inc. is a certified and green business. We’ve earned a Green Cleaning Accreditation from the Western North Carolina Green Building Council and are certified by the Green Business Bureau. We take your health seriously. The chemical cleansers and processes we use are the safest in the industry.

Your patients, visitors, and staff won’t have to worry about chemical irritation from abrasive, non-green products and or shortcut procedures. We do it because it’s good for you, it’s good for the environment and it’s good for our employees.

A few of the green cleaning products we use regularly — and can recommend — are:

• Betco Green Earth® daily disinfectant cleaner

• Betco Clear Image® non-ammoniated glass cleaner

Ask us about these and other eco-friendly cleaning products. We sell these products for your home use as well.

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