It’s no secret that being environmentally friendly is important in the workplace. Green practices are an effective and easy way for companies to build a strong reputation as a globally conscious business. Environmental incentives also lead to money saved which is something everyone can get behind.

HR professionals are the movers and shakers fighting for more green initiatives in their offices. They know how these changes set a good example for employees and alter the company culture in a positive way. How exactly can HR professionals take charge of the resources in their company to make a change for the good of both the employees and the planet? The following are small initiatives that add up to a big difference.

Why Go Green?

What’s the big deal about going green anyway? We should all agree that our planet needs saving, and environmental savings can start in the workplace. After all, that’s where employees spend a bulk of their time. Any small changes can add up to a big difference as far as our planet is concerned.

But it’s not just about the environment. It’s actually more efficient to go green, and not just in terms of energy savings. Time really is money in the workplace, and you can save money by looking for new ways to go green. Here’s a simple equation everyone can understand: what takes more time, searching for documents in filing cabinets or online? The latter is much more time-efficient, and this leads to greater productivity. This doesn’t even take into account how expensive paper costs, so that’s a big savings incentive right there.

Another thing to consider is that we are welcoming the next generation of employees. Millennials and Generation Z is more environmentally focused than any prior generations. These employees want to work for businesses that value their impact on this place we call home. 70 percent of Millennials claim working for a company that gives back is among their top priorities when searching for a position. If companies want to hire (and keep) the best talent of this new generation, they need to look for ways to attract employees with their culture.

A Workplace That Gives Back

Now that you understand why going green is becoming such a staple of the modern workplace, let’s talk about how to actually create a space that encourages employees to take care of the Earth. It’s not enough to suggest employees do their best to turn off their computers as they leave or to recycle their plastic. Companies need to take this a step further, and HR professionals can be the champions of this movement.

Recycling Programs

A large percentage of the countries overall waste comes from offices. Creating a company-wide recycling program will help employees learn how to recycle correctly so they can take matters into their own hands both at work and at home. The easier it is to recycle, the more likely employees will actually do it. HR professionals and other supervisors can show support for those who quickly adapt to the initiative.

Go Paperless

As said before, there’s a lot of incentive to go paperless. Not only can this save companies the cost of buying large quantities of paper, but it’s also much more organized. Cloud-based storage has replaced the paper systems of the past. It makes it easier for employees to collaborate with multiple departments, and they no longer need to rely on outdated systems.

New platforms like make paperless time to log a breeze, and other organizational systems like Trello promote visual project management without costing the environment. No matter your companies needs, there’s a paperless solution for you.

Energy-Efficient Equipment

An easy, inexpensive switch for many office spaces is the change to energy-efficient products and fixtures. Automatic shut-offs for computers and lights will make sure no energy is running overnight when no one is in the office, while LED bulbs cut down on electric costs over time. Look for ways to reduce the carbon footprint in your office so you can all feel confident you’re working towards a better future.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to create a world we can all live in. Today, big changes are needed to help protect this beautiful planet. How can your HR department tackle the environmental needs of modern work environments? Going green is a win/win situation for both the company and the planet. When we work towards a better tomorrow, everyone wins.


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Wendy Dessler

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