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How To Make An Office More Eco-Friendly

Not that long ago, “going green” in the workplace meant having a box next to the copy machine for paper recycling and reminding co-workers to turn the lights off at night. These days, business owners are embracing the “green” philosophy in a much bigger way. From windows and furnishings to computers and more, there are a plethora of approaches to make an office more eco-friendly. The following ideas can help the work place be as green as possible:

Switch to energy saving computers

As Home Guides notes, when it’s time to switch out the company computers, look for those that have an Energy Star label. Then, adjust them to run as efficiently as possible. For example, desktop computers can be programmed to go into a sleep mode at the end of a workday and monitors can be set to turn off after they sit idle for a certain amount of time. The Energy Star site offers helpful advice to make computers more eco-friendly and also answers common questions about changing the settings.

Consider a floor makeover

As a CBS reports, making an office more earth-friendly starts on the floor. Eco-friendly carpets that are at least partially made up of post-consumer recycled materials are both attractive and good for the planet. To help make sure you don’t have to replace the entire carpet if one small section wears out, think about having new square carpet tiles installed; this way, if damage occurs only one small area will need to be replaced. This will also help save space in landfills.

Shop for environmentally friendly furniture and office supplies

To help make an office greener, consider redecorating with environmentally friendly furniture. Desks made from natural wood and office supplies that use recycled products are good examples. In general, products that are “Greenguard” certified are tested to be sure that any particle and chemical emissions fall under acceptable standards, notes National Business Furniture. You can also outfit your office with supplies that are good for the environment. Many retailers like Wayfair carry an impressive lineup of office-related items that would work well in an eco-conscious office — just type in “eco friendly” in the search bar on the home page and it will take you to a page with products like the high-gloss simulated leather alternative desk pad and mouse pad, cube-shaped storage units, and much more.

See the light

To make the lighting system in an office more earth-friendly, consider installing automated systems including photosensors, timers and more. These will help to turn the lights on during the day as they are needed and keep them off and saving energy when no one is using the room. In general, fluorescent lights tend to use less energy that incandescent, and LED bulbs and fixtures are also good eco-friendly choices. If possible, use the sun as a source of light as much as you can; if your office has a lot of windows, use natural light whenever possible.

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