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How SIG Combibloc achieved Platinum Green Business Certification Tier?

By February 28, 2012Blog, Member News

SIG Combibloc is one of the world’s leading system suppliers of carton packaging and filling machines for beverages and food. The company supplies complete systems including both the packaging materials and the corresponding filling machines. Carton packs from SIG Combibloc protect the quality of food and drinks. They ensure that the taste, nutrients and vitamins of products are preserved.

Likewise, carton packs from SIG Combibloc preserve the environment. Because as the name suggests, they are made predominantly out of cardboard, which is manufactured from wood, a renewable raw material. Using renewable resources reduces the use of fossil raw materials such as oil. And because trees absorb CO2 and release oxygen while they are growing, sustainably managed forests also help to protect the climate. SIG Combibloc has achieved Platinum Green Business Certification Tier. We at GBB are very proud of their achievement.

When we asked them “What drove you to achieve the Platinum Certification tier?” They shared ” When we approach our officer in our company, we received immediate support.  Our CEO, Eduardo Gatica made it a target for the Green Team to achieve the highest tier.  He wanted us to work together in something that we, the green team, believe that he propositioned us to achieve the highest level as a commitment but also for company and our employees”

Reaching platinum status requires commitment and hard work from the members. When we asked how difficult they found reaching the platinum tier, their response was ” Of course, there are always challenges when implementing any change, however the biggest challenge was to get the approvals for many green incentives during a time in which we are watching our spending and cost cutting.  At the end, this wasn’t as bad as we thought, and the Hybrid Incentive was introduced in which employees of Sig Combibloc will be eligible for reimbursement of $3,000 for the purchase of, and $1,500 for the lease, of a hybrid vehicle “

What kinds of cost savings has SIG Combibloc seen? ” The cost savings are not immediately seen as at times we need to invest to get some of the green efforts started.  However, now a year into it, we can say we saved in the delivery and purchase of water jugs and water bottles with the installation of our water system.  We also have seen savings by eliminating disposable dishware, utensils and cups.  We also saved by eliminating a delivery service of break room items by doing the shopping ourselves at discounted warehouse retailers”

Lastly, ” What benefits has your GBB membership brought to your business in terms of operations, sales, branding, etc.? ” They shared ” Some of the benefits is that we our Sales Teams sit at a customer or our Marketing Teams participate at Conventions, not only do the promote our sustainable products but can also proudly say how our backoffice operations are sustainable as well.  So we practice what we preach”

SIG Combibloc’s commitment to sustainability is an inspiration. Proud to have them as GBB member!

Learn more about how SIG Combibloc is actively addressing environmental issues:                                                                     http://www.sig.biz/site/en/environment/Environment.jsp

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