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How Going Green at Work Can Help the Environment

By November 11, 2014Blog

With environmental issues being addressed more and more, finding solutions for a greener and ecologically friendly behavior has grown outside of the household. Means to make office work energy-effective, cleaner and focused on preserving the environment are being implemented everywhere. It should come to no surprise, as the impact of this is not small.

Here are just few of the benefits of going green:

  • Saving Energy – every green incentive starts with saving energy and ways to lessen consumption. Technology is nowadays advanced enough to strive for cleaner energy production, but it is still one of the most damaging activities of man. With solar power now being largely implemented in homes as well as offices, we can reduce the need for energy production through harmful means. It should be noted that not only the type of energy used is important, but also the consumption and how to make it effective. Simple things like regulating the temperatures and controlling the standby mode on gadgets can cut electricity consumption by no less than 20%.
  • Reducing Plastic Usage – ever since the start of its production, plastic has made everyday life easier and safer. But it comes at a huge cost – the accumulation of plastic has changed the very surface of our planet and studies show that plastic fragmentation is starting to have a negative impact on our health. Plastic is a long-lived product, and yet an increasing amount of it ends up dumped every year, where it will persist for centuries. Nowadays more and more homes recycle, and offices join the incentive as well. It should be every company’s policy to promote recycling of plastic, just like it’s every individual’s duty to control the disposal and usage of these products. A lot of items we bring at the office can be replaced with a reusable version – water bottles, cups and food containers are top candidates. The switch from plastic should occur whenever possible and feasible. Recycling is an essential part of preventing environmental damage done by plastic pollution.
  • Reduce paper – a huge portion of all harvested trees worldwide are used solely for the production of paper. Deforestation is a harmful enough act for nature so people should to consider providing means to reducing paper usage. It has direct impact on climate and leads to negative changes in habitat and biodiversity. We live in the digital era, but we still use big amounts of paper. Changing that should be top priority for every worker. It is as easy as managing digital information – keeping files on computers instead of file cabinets, working with documents onscreen instead of materializing them, prioritizing what to print and what to keep digital. Photocopiers and <a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Printer_%28computing%29″>printers</a> can be loaded with recycled paper, and should print on both sides whenever possible.

Making our workplace more eco-friendly can not only help the environment, but also help cut business costs and increase overall enjoyment and satisfaction from work. Small steps in that direction can lead to big and meaningful changes.

Bio: Ella is freelancewriter and professional blogger with great flair for home and office improvement projects. She is striving to improve her work in every possible way. What excites her most recently is the green idea and she is trying to raise the awareness towards it via her writing. To obtain more helpful tips for your home and office visit: Bayswater industrial cleaning

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