According to the US Geological Survey, 71 percent of the earth is covered in water. From oceans to lakes, rivers to streams, water is an essential part of every person’s well-being. Water is also important for companies, touching every aspect of the business from fueling production lines to hydrating employees.

Despite water being such an essential part of everyone’s lives, bodies of water can be polluted and not safe for use – whether that be for drinking, playing in or for using in production. In the past, the most common water treatments consisted of the application of heavy doses of powerful, toxic chemicals and heavy metals in order to clean the water. This would clear toxic algae blooms, only to replace them with the harsh effects of carcinogens. Homeport Water Solutions knew there had to be another way, and looked to decrease the use of harmful toxins used in water treatment by introducing aeration and other non-polluting water treatment technologies.

Homeport Water Solutions, headquartered in Dubai, UAE with locations in the US, EU and Asia, recently joined the Green Business Bureau to solidify the company’s focus on green water treatment solutions. The process works by taking advantage of the natural phenomenon of dissolution of extremely small gas particles in water. By delivering 80,000 times the dissolved oxygen as compared to current aeration technology at 10 percent of their cost and eliminating the need for the application of chemicals or heavy metals, Homeport Water Solutions is able to dramatically reduce the cost of treating water. Further, the technology treats the entire water column, including the sediment layer, delivering truly superior cleaning results. The company also addresses inorganic wastes, producing oxidizing hydroxyl radicals – nature’s most potent oxidizing agent. The continued application of these powerful oxidants help to remove inorganic pollutants naturally, allowing Homeport Water Solutions to deliver clean, pure water without harmful chemicals and heavy metals.

“Homeport Water Solution is very pleased to join the Green Business Bureau,” said Dr. Ralf Heron, Principal at Homeport Water Solutions. “We hope that through our association with GBB and its members, we can transform the water treatment industry and leverage non-polluting technology, radically improving water quality in every industry vertical where our technology can be applied to the benefit of global citizens, regardless of wealth or privilege.”

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