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Homemade Eco-friendly Air Fresheners

By December 10, 2014Blog

Maintaining the indoor fresh air is as important as house cleaning. Sometimes achieving a pleasant and cosy aroma is a challenge. No matter the amount of cleaning, there are factors that are beyond your control, making the smell of your home simply unbearable. Some commercial air deodorizers have very strong odour that can cause allergic reactions or may trigger asthma symptoms. You should no longer worry about this because you have nature’s power at your side. Create your own air freshener with completely organic materials that will effectively get rid of the annoying smell. You have plenty of options; so let’s get started!

Why Go Green?

The typical products that can be found on the market hold a sufficient risk. They contain poisonous chemicals like phthalates and Dichlorobenzene that can affect the central nervous system. Aside from that, these products are quite ineffective, as they don’t really neutralize the odor. But they surely affect negatively your respiratory system.

Types of Odors

The bad smells have different sources thus they differ in their nature. The odors can be alkaline, acid and a combination of the two. The smell produced by the human and animal waste is alkaline and can be removed and properly cleaned with acid like lemon juice and vinegar. On the contrary, body fluids odors are easily neutralized with baking soda. Another option is hiring professional house cleaning service.

Healthy and Eco – friendly Solutions

Eliminate the nasty smell with your own solutions that hold zero risk for your health. Mix a strong air freshener by using ½ cup of vinegar, 1 ½ cups of water and 15 drops of essential oil. Pour it in a diffuser bottle and spray it directly over the desired area. The efficiency of the solution depends on the vinegar’s concentration. Remember, enhance the amount of vinegar, you should do the same with the essential oil. This is a suitable solution for alkaline odors. Fight the smells with acid nature by dissolving eco-friendly cleaning detergents such as two tablespoons of baking soda or borax in hot water. Add your proffered essential oil and shake the bottle.

If you don’t need to get rid of any particular odor and you simply want a nice indoor aroma, use natural products like fruits.  Stick a couple of cloves in an orange or other citrus and create your own pomander balls. On the other hand, nothing combats odors like coffee. Mix it with cinnamon and let it sit in open air. Your home will smell like a coffee shop.

Reduce the Air Pollution

Air fresheners only mask the smell, without taking care of the source. Thus they are temporary solution. You need to check the quality of the indoor air. Probably, you won’t be able to undertake any major steps overnight. You can mitigate the hazards by getting houseplants that serve as natural air purifiers. Pick greenery with big green leaves like peace lily and dracaena.  Make your home a non – smoking area. Inspect the filters of you ventilation system. They are ideal dust trap and the main culprits for the indoor air pollution. Clean or change the air filters regularly. In a long run, you can buy an air purifier.

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