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Helping Food Service Industry become Green

Aside from transportation and manufacturing, one of the industries that has been most often criticized for not being environmentally friendly has been the food service industry. Throughout the industry literally tons of paper products from cups and plates to napkins and wrappers are thrown away each year. The remnants of our coffees and McBurgers stuff our landfills.  But today, a new food services company, EcoProducts, has risen to the challenge of meeting needs of Americans to have their caffeine and nutrition in a convenient package, but to do so in an environmentally friendly way.

EcoProducts describes themselves as a green company who just happens to operate in disposables. This means that their vision is to be green first, but to find a way to meet the consumable needs of people by developing sustainable disposable products. Their business plan looks at five aspects of every product. They consider the materials that the product is made from, striving to use renewable materials. Then, they look at the manufacturing processes including whether the production facility employs sustainable business practices. After that, they consider the packaging of the product, striving for minimum packaging to reduce waste. Next comes consideration of transportation, looking for products that are light, produced close to the source and inexpensive to ship. Finally, they evaluate the end of life of each product, striving to create products that are recyclable and biodegradable. For each product they carry their website provides a detailed rating of how the product performs in all of these areas.

The Top Five Products at EcoProducts Showcase

Following are a list of EcoProducts top five products to meet your daily needs while also meeting the needs of the Earth itself.

World Art Insulated Hot Cups Not only are these cups very attractive with their world art printing, but they are made of 100% renewable resources and are fully compostable. Available in 8, 12 and 16 ounce sizes, these cups help keep hot liquids hot yet still insulate the human fingers from being overheated. No need to waste double cups or even have a cup liner, these hot little numbers do the trick on their own.

Wooden Stir Sticks It seems like a minor thing, but just consider all the plastic stir sticks and min stir straws that end up in landfills every year! Thankfully, many companies have started using wooden stir sticks which are at least biodegradable, however, most of these use pine and other non-renewable woods. With EcoProducts wooden stir sticks you get a sturdy stick to mix up your coffee and cream but one that is made of sustainable, renewable wood such as bamboo.

Renewable and Compostable Straws Plastic straws thrown on the ground can become such an eyesore that most places like zoos and amusement parks have banned them out of concern for the animals, environment and simply the visual aesthetics of their outdoor spaces. Now, EcoProducts has created the renewable, compostable drinking straw perfect for helping you enjoy that next icy cold beverage. These straws are made of a special kind of plastic called PLA which is derived from natural plant products. Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified compostable and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) compliant, these straws will break down in any home compost bin.

Plantware Cutlery Everyone knows that doing the dishes after a party or event is a total drag. What’s worse is that most households do not even have enough traditional metal silverware to meet the needs of their guests. Thus, plastic cutlery has been an American tradition for decades. Unfortunately, most of these plastic knives, forks and spoons are made of petroleum based plastics and not very eco-friendly. Now you can go green with EcoProducts Plantware Cutlery. This sturdy flatware can tolerate temperatures of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit without breaking a sweat. Made of 100% renewable PLA plastic, this plastic wear is good for hot or cold foods and is fully compostable.

Ecoproducts cutlery in GBB Blog

Compostable Bags Compostable BioBags are a great way for a business to send their customers off with their leftovers or purchases, or for the homeowner to line their trash bins. Made with 100% renewable resources and, of course, fully compostable, these bags are a perfect addition to any zero waste event or composting household.



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